This past weekend we drove to Indiana 
for the big game 
Notre Dame  vs.  Stanford.
( I love “Touchdown Jesus” in the End Zone) 
We thought the campus was small, but beautiful . . .
and rich with tradition and architecture. 
They had trees where you could tie awareness ribbons to support
the causes dear to you such as various types of cancer and aids. 
We got there early so we could walk the campus and hang out
with the tailgaters, but it rained pretty hard the entire day. 
This threw off our plans a bit and we 
had to find places to stay dry.
We sat for about an hour in the basketball stands with 
a bunch of other people trying to stay dry.
At lunch time I realized that
it is difficult for a vegetarian to find healthy food 
in a sea of meat vendors.
(My husband and boys LOVED the food) 
but luckily one of the BarBQ places had a cup of baby potatoes!
When the game started we could barely stay together with the 
excited (and many intoxicated) crowd 
(almost 90,000 people) pushing into the stadium.
We had seats in the original wooden bleachers 
which we thought was cool. 
And me loving vintage and history, I saw a cool seat
cushion from way back when. 
The teams came out with an electrical roar of excitement from the fans. 
The mascot waved his flag near our end zone and the cheering continued. 
It was a game of slippery passes for Notre Dame 
turned into fumble recoveries for Stanford. . . 
but in overtime Notre Dame proved Victorious on their home field. 
I learned that my coat is not water repellent as I had thought.
I was soaked through my coat and layers of clothing.
And our hands looked like prunes form the water.
But all in all it was a fun experience,
especially for the boys and my husband. 
My favorite part of the day was spending time with my family.
(and the warm shower and heating blanket when we got home) 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse