Divorce is never fun and living through the experience can leave you exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically. Perhaps that is why so many women try and play dirty tricks as a means of revenge on a soon-to-be ex-spouse. While some of those tricks may have been successful many decades ago, the courts have become more aware of the possibility of women providing untrue information to seek retaliation. Opposing counsel has also become much more aware of tricks and vengeful behavior many women used in the past to slander, blackmail, and hurt their spouses. No matter how angry you are about the divorce, here are a few things that you should not do to get back at your spouse.

1.      Credit Card Revenge

Be careful when using credit cards after the big announcement of divorce because traditionally, there are two ways women have used credit card revenge on their spouses, and both are known to backfire. Although you may be angry, canceling the cards will leave a record that the court can trace back to you that can make you look foolish and undermine your credibility. On the other hand, charging large amounts to credit cards you have that are only in your spouse’s name will probably be made payable by you through the court.

2.      Bank Account Withdrawal

Yes, cleaning out the bank accounts has crossed more than one woman’s mind after her spouse has asked for a divorce. The problem is judges see the action as a vengeful unfairness to the spouse, and the stigma will follow you throughout the court proceedings. Be safe and leave the money where it is until the divorce is settled.

3.      Dirty Deed Reporting

Your spouse may have admitted he or she was having an affair with someone for a long time when requesting the divorce, and your first instinct may be to inform the other party’s spouse or significant other. Before you do that, take a deep breath and think through the conversation. Although the action may provide you with some immediate satisfaction, the end result is that someone that is totally innocent may be hurt through your words and actions. Would you want to find out about your spouse’s dirty deeds from someone else?

4.      Abuse Lying Accusations

For some reason, making false accusations about child abuse reached a peak a few years ago. While it is unknown why the action became so prevalent at that time, the courts became so inured by the constant attacks that many judges would demand absolute proof even to visit the possibility. Cordell & Cordell professionals may also ask the court for sanctions against you for false accusations if there is no solid proof – and sanctions can be expensive.

5.      Children and Pet Withholding

No matter how tempted you are to withhold visitation rights from your spouse, the children and pets need to see him or her. Although you may think it will hurt your spouse the most, it won’t – the children will be the ones most affected by the withdrawal of affections. Do you really want to be responsible for possible emotional damage to them?

6.      Indiscretion Gossiping

If you have been married for a long time, you may know every skeleton hidden in your spouse’s closet. If you are tempted to share those skeletons with anyone that will listen, think again. There is a fine line between revenge, gossip, and liable and slander. You never know what an expert team of lawyers like Cordell & Cordell can get the judge to charge you with for damage to your spouse’s reputation.

While hurting your soon-to-be-ex may seem like a good idea one moment, think through your actions before you commit them. Focus your efforts on rebuilding your world instead of destroying his or hers. A moment of gratification for your spouse’s pain may come back to haunt you for years to come.