In our modern world, it’s almost impossible to not think at a million miles an hour. From constant news updates, to smartphone notifications, to personal and professional responsibilities, everything we have to deal with is constantly begging for our attention.

Even when we have free time, it’s hard to resist the call to remain productive. From doing household chores to even being “productive” with our free time so we don’t feel it’s wasted, it’s hard to take a load off and feel anything but guilty by doing nothing.

That said, if you’ve felt as though your mind seems to run at a million miles an hour, it may be very helpful to find a better way forward. Your mind won’t slow down unless you allow it to, and some comfortable stimulus for that may be required.

Of course, learning meditation is the perfect first step for that. Learning to focus on your breathing and sitting down for ten, fifteen or even more minutes can help increase concentration and the peaceful quietness of your perception.

However, what if you’d rather do something to slow your mind down, as opposed to disconnecting from everything? In this post, we’ll discuss a few healthy habits for achieving exactly that:

Slow, Expressive Hobbies

It’s good to find hobbies that force you to sit back and pay attention. That might be as simple as reading five pages of classical literature when you want to take a load off. You could also decide to paint with watercolors, learn to knit, or get more involved in your garden. No matter what your approach, make sure the hobby helps take up all your focus and soothes you into a kind of flow you can enjoy. That’s how people relax most of all.

The Art Of Exploration

It’s also good to explore your local area, slowly, and with intent. You can head around your local park with motorized boards like the Onewheel GT, or take some time walking with hiking boots over your local nature trails. There’s something redemptive and rewarding about learning more about your local area, really getting out there and seeing that which is waiting for you. The art of exploration is not reductive or too simple, it’s about satiating your primary curiosity as a person. Funnily enough, this noble goal is oddly peaceful.

Invest In Photography

Photograph is the perfect hobby for those who want to relax a little. Well, provided you take pictures of the landscape, beautiful views, and subjects who know how to behave. For example, you might take a camera with you on hikes in the morning and take pictures of the sunrise. You might take close-up images of insects or add longer lenses and enjoy birdwatching (while capturing the birds in digital form) on a lazy Sunday. Photography forces you to look at the world, and wait for the right moment to capture something you appreciate.

With these hobbies, we hope you can more easily slow down your mind a little. Note that you don’t have to perfect at all of this, just enjoy exploring the tasks in your own time.

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