If you’re a budding mixologist, you may be wondering about what to add to your cocktail repertoire. The Moscow Mule should certainly be in your stable of recipes. Yet, you need to know how to make a Moscow Mule in order to show off those amazing skills while enjoying a great drink. This is what you need to know to pull it off.

Know Your Moscow Mule Ingredients

Most cocktails have a main liquor base that defines the drink. For the Moscow Mule, vodka will rule that flavor roost. However, you always want to choose high-quality vodka whenever you make a vodka-based drink. While there are countless brands of vodka in the markets, low-quality vodka does not go through a distillery process that is as vigorous as high-quality liquor. If you try making a Moscow Mule with low-grade vodka, it won’t be as pure and it won’t taste as good.

The Moscow Mule has a unique flavor that some consider to be on the spicier side of taste profiles. When crafting a flavorful vodka drink, you should always incorporate a great-tasting vodka into the mix. One of those strong flavors is ginger beer. Ginger beer is more of a soda than an beer with an undeniable taste that can make or break a great Moscow Mule so choose a ginger beer with a great flavor. 

Lime juice is the remaining ingredient that lends the Moscow Mule its unique flavor. As lime is a citrus fruit, you want the juice to be as fresh as possible. Consider buying the limes and rendering the juice from a juicer.

Why These Flavors Work Well Together

Here’s the part where your inner mixologist will understand why the Moscow Mule tastes so good. While there is a lot of scientific detail that goes into why certain flavors pair better than others, the short answer is that ginger works well with fruitWhether it’s a food recipe or a mixed drink, you can count on strong ginger flavors marrying nicely with fruity flavors, especially apples, pears, and citrus fruits (like limes).

One of the reasons that vodka is such a popular choice for cocktails is that it pairs well with so many different types of flavors. So, the combination of a fantastic ginger-lime mixture with a vodka base is prime for becoming something amazing. One of those astounding results is the Moscow Mule.

Don’t Forget Cups and Ice

Moscow Mules are meant to be served in a copper or stainless steel cup that is stacked with the correct amount of ice. More ice means that the carbonation of the drink stays longer, but it also means that the icy coolness provides a balance to the gingery-citrus spiciness that the Moscow Mule is known for having. Every ingredient in this unforgettable drink is important to making it perfectly delicious.

Vodka first, lime juice second, and then you want to top the drink off with ginger beer. Everyone has a taste preference, so feel free to adjust the ratios to suit your taste. Add a lime wedge for garnish before you indulge in one of the tastiest vodka drinks you will ever have the pleasure of sipping (and making)!