How Do You Know What to Believe About Natural Products?

Being bombarded with all the advertising noise in the world can leave you wondering what is real and what is hype. I tend to navigate claims and scare tactics by following up with my own research and staying close to the middle of the road. I learned a valuable tool for doing my own research that I am going to share with you.


When you want to know the truth, do the research and present the evidence for each side of the issue and do it like you mean it. For example, if you hear that a certain product may contain healing properties for cancer, find the evidence to support these claims and the evidence to dispute it. Remember when Tomato Sauce was said to be able to cure prostate cancer? I discovered that cancer research experts do know that the phytochemical called lycopene found in tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant that may prevent prostate cancer. They also agree that it would take very high doses daily to see an impact and that a lot more research needs to be done to establish how much and what results could be expected. So while the headline is sort of true, I’m not going to make my husband down a jar of marinara each day. This is how I think that you should approach the claims made by natural products. Don’t take things for face value. Always read the consumer reviews, the scientific data and conclusions found from research on both sides of the issue.

Are Natural Products Really Better for Our Skin?

It is fact that there are some incredible chemical products that work to give us better skin. Chemical peels restore our aged skin to look younger. Chemicals can kill acne and save our skin from scarring in the forms of redness, depressions and thickness. Other chemicals make dark spots disappear, plump up fine lines to make them less obvious and others smooth pores to create a creamier complexion. There are some fantastic benefits to using certain chemicals on our skin but you also have choices to use natural products to achieve these same results.

Since skin is a human organ that acts as a barrier from the outside world, when we apply things to our skin be them chemicals or natural, they are absorbed through the skin and effect us internally. There are a host of chemicals in skin care products that do cause problems or that may cause problems to consumers. Chemicals in skin care products are considered safe because they are using what the government considers “safe levels” in each product. But the argument comes when you clearly see that you are using many products not just one and so your exposure to toxic chemicals is building and building every day and increasing greatly over time. And the issue is that these chemicals are known toxins. There are many toxins that may be tolerable in small, safe doses but would you consciously choose to take them every day over your lifetime and hope that you didn’t have ill effects? Of course not. And especially when you have natural options that are proven safe and also proven effective.

Skin care products that have high quality ingredients do have a high price point but what you put on your skin does matter to the results you receive. Cheap ingredients do not often yield the results we want to see and therefore, we budget for the products we need.

When you are investing in skin care, you want to make sure you are getting the most for your money, so here are some natural skin care products that are also proven to provide visible results. 


When hoping to renew and restore a younger look and feel to skin, Herbivore Botanicals has some great products. Phoenix Facial Oil is known for combating drying, aging and dullness with luxury botanical oils and no artificial fillers. Go to the product page to see the list of highly beneficial ingredients that make this one of the best we can buy. 


Mahalo Skin Care’s RARE INDIGO beauty balm is supercharged with clinically-tested rare extract of the indigo plant and potent anti-inflammatory, chamazulene-rich actives, making this skin-renewing balm an opulent skin treat. It empowers your body’s long term skin health while treating current issues and past damage. 

Dr. Alkaitis has a line that is 100% chemical free. Their therapeutic Nourishing Oil is popular due to it’s ability to calm, nourish and hydrate damaged or dry skin. The price point is very high for this luxury brand but reviews from dedicated users say that it also reduces blemishes and dark spots. 

Honey Girl Organics is another brand with products that have a great reputation. They use honey and pollen from their own ethical bee farms that are good for the environment and your skin. Their Rose Hip Vitamin C Serum is one of their best products because it literally has so many benefits for skin. It repairs most issues as it is protecting and regenerating at the same time.


If you need time to save money invest in these potent products, there is another solution that you can try in mean time.  TruSkin Naturals  Facial Serum blends Vitamin C with Botanical Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to target the most common signs of aging including brightness, firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots & sun spots. It makes skin brighter and firmer by promoting the rejuvenation of skin cells and collagen production.