Light Blue Jewelry & Accessories Hand Picked Collection

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Do you love light blue? Me too! Here are some of my favorite accessories that are shiny, sparkly glamorous and light blue. From jewelry and hand bags to shoes and trinkets, you can treat yourself to a well deserved gift that will make you look and feel incredible. Which one is it going to be? Let me know which ones you love in the comments section at the end of this post. (Click the pics to get more information on each delightful piece.)


Make a Statement




Dazzle ’em

I Feel Pretty


The Lap off Luxury




Kate Spade Cobble Hill Shoulder Bag


Some Pep in Your Step

A Splash Of Color and You are On Your Way

Tassels are Treasures


Modern Cuff Madness


Time to Be Cool


Seeing Life Through Light Blue Colored Glasses

Singin’ In the Rain

Which are your favorite Light Blue Accessories?

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17 thoughts on “Light Blue Jewelry & Accessories Hand Picked Collection

  1. I LOVE those shades of blue. Aqua and periwinkle blue are two of my favorite colors. The statement pieces of jewelry are beautiful.

  2. I love this color so much! That purse and the watch really aught me eye, I am loving both of those so much. Thanks for all of these ideas!

  3. These are all gorgeous shades! I could buy a few of them for some girlfriends of mine and they’d love them all. I love this time of year for gifting!

  4. I love this colour so flipping much! I am going to have to check out some of these things. In fact, I would be cool with one of everything.

  5. Blue is one of my favorite colors. These accessories would be great with my wardrobe. I need to get a few new pieces for my winter wardrobe.

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