I admit that I am a long time coffee loving fanatic. I literally cannot miss a morning coffee without emotional side effects (and some physical ones too). But recently because I am old and my health is more questionable, I decided that one of the major changes that I need to make in my life is to make the switch to tea. I have never really liked tea though, so I know this would be difficult. I researched teas online and found that the best tea for my health issues including mental alertness, lower cholesterol and improved immune system, Oolong loose leaf tea would be the best! Oolong tea is known to be a “tea snob’s” favorite for it’s flavors (a tea connoisseur’s choice in loose leaf teas). So this alleviated my apprehension and brought some excitement to the table. Now I just needed a way to brew my tea! While reading about the health benefits of tea online I also found the tea connoisseur’s choice in brewing options. This is the Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass that you can take on the go. I contacted their company about my situation and they were generous enough to provide me with a Tea Glass! I chose the 9 oz. glass because it fits in the cup holders in the car and I am always on the go.IMG_6839

I found my Oolong tea and got my Libre Tea Glass in the mail. I was ready to embark on my new improved lifestyle change.


First I watched opened the box and found the most Beautiful Designs on the top and sides of the Tea Glass. (I knew that I would be So Proud to carry this cool glass around.)


Second I watched the video about the two ways to use the Libre Tea Glass noting the important safety precautions of using hot water. (Despite their warnings I opened the top of the glass too quickly and sprayed myself with water. I was not burned, but do heed the warnings.)

Next, I put my tea leaves into the glass and added hot water. (the leaves smelled so natural – not like the tea bags I have always had – that I kept smelling the sweet aroma. I was so excited to try it.)


I watched my tea steep in the window while I got some work done on the computer. When it was a nice color I took off the lid and gave it a try. The strainer inside the glass kept the tea leaves in their place and I got the warm and rich flavors of my tea. It was honestly so fresh and flavorful that I did not even think to add creamer and sugar and all the unhealthy ingredients that I have been using every day for my coffee. No, I am completely serious!


I am looking forward to discovering new tastes and varieties of teas! And I just feel better knowing that I am making such an incredibly healthy decision for myself! (Did I mention how cool the glass is too?)

You know that I am passionate about the environment and lowering my carbon footprint right? Well this tea glass is helping me do this. Another perfect benefit of using Libra! “Loose leaf tea has a much smaller eco-footprint than teabags. Unlike ‘bagged’ tea, loose leaf tea is sold by weight, easy to dispose of and biodegradable. It also requires minimal packaging, unlike bagged tea, which requires significant packaging resources and generates considerably more waste with its bags, boxes and plastic wrappers.” Not only that, but the double walled glass, metals and BPA Free materials, are all recyclable and eco friendly.


I have been using it for days now and I feel great all around. I am going to be purchasing the larger 14 oz glass as well so that I can have it to sip on in the mornings at work. I completely recommend trying tea for your health and you just HAVE to get the Libre Tea Glasses to enjoy them to the fullest.

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Thank you Libre Tea!

*My opinions of tea, health benefits and Libre Tea products are 100% my own. My opinions are honest, not paid for and may differ from yours. Thank you!