My son decided that he needed some vehicles so he shopped from the Lego City Series and found two sets he liked. One was a police vehicle so he just left off the stickers and “lights” to make it look like a regular car. He did the same thing with the motorcycle. Then he made his own car as well and we had a fleet of cars! I asked him what we should build to play with and compliment the vehicles. He decided on a mini-mart and gas station rest stop where travelers could gas up and get items they needed. From start to finish it took 5 hours and we had ourselves an awesome new Lego set up. This is the Best way to beat the winter blues!

When we brought the legos home we began working on the cars.
Dad jumped in to help.

We worked fast and had lots of fun. Thank goodness the  manuals are so easy to read!!

Then we went upstairs to our lego room/guest room/my office and made our own 
creations like the gas station. . .

( I am so proud of my DIY Lego gas pumping station! )

The mini mart was a combined effort of my son and I. We wanted a Fun place where you can stop off on your way to a riot and pick up the necessities such as pitchforks and an ax. If you are skipping the riots we have everything else you might need from footballs, to treasure maps to gas masks and fresh baguettes!

 Our friendly cashiers will check you out in record time. 

 At our mini mart you can also use the ATM, Get some soda and pretzels, 
or a there is a whole cooked turkey on the top shelf just sitting out. 
There is fresh fruit on the shelves below.  

 So many choices here at this amazing store that this Lego Lady cant decide! 
She could buy the pre-wrapped gift on the way to a party or get the 
autographed Indianan Jones Hat worn in the last film. 
(This hat of course is not worth as much so it is just sitting out on a table. 
Sorry, the whip and vest have been sold.) 
All kidding aside now, my son is a big fan of the Paralympics and loves 
watching our local wheelchair basketball teams so he made 
men in wheel chairs to form a team!

Do you want to share photos of your child’s or family’s lego creations?
I would LOVE to post them here! Just send me your pics in an
email with the names and captions to be used to
so that I can put together a Blog Fan Lego Creation Page for our blog!

If you have anything to add to this post please leave your thoughts in the comment section.


! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse