Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum

By: Paul Temcio

Jenny and I took a road trip and went through Kentucky. We were both surprised at the large amount of marketing there is for KFC. We also noticed that the many KFC restaurants were advertising “buffets” so we decided to stop in and check it out (We don’t have buffets in the Chicago and we were curious.) There were large trays  for canned green beans, mashed potatoes, canned peaches. Every where we were went along our trip we saw so many signs about The Colonel and his Famous Fried Chicken that we were shocked to find out how much people in Kentucky (and the surrounding states) really love this guy!

Then we saw a sign for the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum in Corbin Kentucky. We decided that we had to go and see this kitschy cool place.

It turns out that Colonel Sanders owned a service station and then built a cafe across the street.

He was gaining recognition for his culinary skills when a fire burned the cafe down.

He came back with a better and larger cafe as well as a motel next door.

People traveling through Kentucky would stop in droves to stay at Harland Sander’s Hotel and eat and his cafe.

(This is a recreation of the hotel rooms)

Sanders developed the famous KFC secret recipe at the café during the 1940s.

His recognition throughout the U.S was growing and soon he was famous for his chicken!

There was a child’s Halloween mask of Colonel Sander’s. . .

and a Christmas album . . .

which shows just how popular he was with American families.

The Museum is small but well done.

It says that it is a cafe and museum but it is a regular KFC restaurant inside the building with the memorabilia all around in the ordering and dinning areas.

It was an interesting place for sure, and a small slice of Americana.

If you like KFC this is a fun little place to plan to stop on your road trip through Kentucky.

Are you a fan of KFC and the Colonel?

Pin this to your road trip destinations board. . .

31 thoughts on “Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum

  1. This is so interesting! We’re so used to calling it KFC that we’ve forgotten the Kentucky part LOL. We’ll definitely drop by here when we’re in that part of the states.

  2. This is such a fun place to visit. When I lived in Kentucky we would visit it at least once a year. It’s pretty neat to see the old things that they used to advertise. Thank you for bringing me back to a place I haven’t visited in a while!

  3. This sounds like a place I’d like to visit – I’m all for weird and wacky places! I’ve never visited Kentucky but I’d like too one day and this will be on the list

  4. Wow, I really love the postcard of the old cafe! I’ve never been to Kentucky, but I can imagine KFC is popular there!

  5. I notice that the chicken tastes different in KFC outlets in different countries! It’s probably due to How the chickens are bred differently. I love the KFC chicken in Malaysia.

  6. I had no idea KFC started as a hotel and cafe! It’s interesting to see how the business evolved, and all the history behind it. What a fun place to visit!

    Sondra xx

  7. This looks like such a fun place to visit! I love KFC, I may have it tonight!!

  8. My memories of KFC stem back to eating this delicious friend chicken with my mom as a little kid in Utah. I love KFC! My kids love it too! It would be so fun to visit this cafe and museum! I love the history behind Kentucky Friend Chicken!

  9. Wow!! This is such a nice place to visit. My friend visited this KFC Harland sanders cafe museum and she’s mesmerized of this museum. She really enjoys it. and I think I need to put this on my next travel visit together with my family.

  10. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum looks like a great place to visit. When I was a teenager I used to work for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their food is so delicious.

  11. What a fun place to visit! I had no idea there was such a museum… I’m sure it’s pretty interesting!

  12. I love to see the pioneer that started it all being celebrated. I wish it were still the way it was!

  13. This would be such a cool place to visit. I love learning about how different times in history and places came to be.

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