The real estate industry is going through some great changes. With more eco-conscious home buyers on the market with plenty of money to spend, home designers are changing how they develop homes. An energy-independent home is far more attractive than a home that is supplied energy in a more conventional manner. Homes that also offer large open spaces inside, are hot on the list of desires for many modern families. If you’re looking to invest in real estate this year, it’s vital you know what the signs area of one of these cutting edge homes.

A blue ceiling?

Governments and local authorities, all want to cut down on their carbon footprint. Private real estate developers will also be looking to do the same. So if you see a blue ceiling on a newly constructed home, you should take a closer look at it. You’ll find that it doesn’t have blue tiles, but rather fitted solar panels. This is something that you will see more and more as the decade moves on. The solar panels will store energy in the home and it can be used for just about anything. Whether it’s to heat the home, boil a saucepan on the stove or power the lights, this independent energy source is free of charge. Millennial families will be drawn to this like a moth to a flame. They will also be willing to pay a little extra just for the convenience and for their morals.

Maximum space rooms

Some call it cubing and others call it postmodern utilitarian design. Whichever you prefer, be on the lookout for homes that seem quite boxy. The rooms are large and spacious and often staggered around and or on top of each other. From the outside it looks like the home has been built in increments as the rooms seem fitted together. This is a contemporary design that is trending in modern cities. If you spot new homes being built in this manner, you should work with an investor and help them with their property portfolio. Consider talking with Visio Lending which run a broker program. You just need to send the investors their way and you will earn a fantastic 5% of the closed loans. You don’t need a licence for all except one state. All you need to do is to find contemporary properties that are fresh on the market, quickly make contact with an investor and then point them in the direction of this specialist rental loan company.

A brighter driveway

Modern gardens are being conjoined with the garage and driveway. It’s quite easy to spot this as it seems transitionless. There usually isn’t a fence splitting the two, which makes for a larger area. LED drive over lights that line the garage and driveway are also clear signs of a standardized cutting edge home. One of the clearest giveaways will be the electric charging units for the hybrid cars sat in the driveway. 

As this decade wears on, you will start to see more and more newly-built homes displaying solar panels on their roofs as normal. It’s a great time to invest in property as millennials are willing to pay higher prices for these eco-conscious designs.