Keeping your home warm and comfortable is probably on top of your mind at this time of the year when temperatures drop sub-zero and cold winds get stronger. You will want to turn up the heat, but it also brings stress about the high utility bills. However, you can get smart and warm up your living space without worrying about mounting costs. The most unexpected way to do it is by choosing the right decor ideas. Surprising as it sounds, the right decor elements can go a long way in securing warmth for your living space within budget. Here are some ideas you can try. 

Deck up your place with winter fabrics 

Dressing your home with warm and heavy winter fabrics like faux fur, velvet, and the yarn is a great idea to warm it up without spending a fortune. Change the curtains and hang up thick, quilted ones that cover the drafts and insulate the place. Using thick rugs on the floor will bring warmth to your feet and make your place look warmer as well. A large area rug does the trick for the living room, while you can have small runners by the beds. Complete the look by covering the living room sofa with a warm fur throw and having matching cushions around for an extra dose of comfort and coziness. 

Invest in an electric fireplace 

Another smart way to use winter decor for warmth is by investing in an electric fireplace this season. It is much better than the traditional fireplace because it heats without smoke and fumes. Additionally, you can save up significantly on the utility bills with space heating rather than heating the entire house and even empty rooms. You can easily find electric fireplaces for sale at the best price online. The best part about using this appliance is that it adds aesthetic value to your living space. It is easy to install and does not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Rearrange the furniture strategically

Winter is the best time for a strategic makeover for your living space. Assess the current arrangement and ensure that the sofas, chairs, and beds are not placed near windows and doors. You will also want them to receive the warmth of the sun when you draw the curtains of the room. Also, moving them closer to the electric heater is a good idea to feel the warmth. It may take some hit and trial, but you will ultimately be able to nail the decor for a warm and comfortable arrangement.

Warming your living space is not just about making the heating system work harder. You can try these simple decor ideas to get the warmth a notch higher while adding to the aesthetics as well. The best thing is that implementing these tips does not require much effort, and you spend only a fraction of the cumulative energy bills. Moreover, the ideas are eco-friendly too, as you cut down the carbon footprint by making your living space energy-efficient.