I have had our outdoor furniture and cushions for over 5 years now and with all the use and abuse, they look terrible! Someday when I have the cash, I will replace them with a beautiful print, but for now I needed a quick fix that will last for awhile. I needed a solution that would cover the sun bleaching, dirt stains and more! The fastest, cheapest and easiest way I thought to do it was to use spray paint. I bought one can to give it a try and found that the paint disappeared right into the fabric. Then I grabbed some of my leftover wall paint and it went on really well! After one thick coat and some drying time, the cushions looked incredible and they are weatherproofed too! Now when my kids spill their food and drinks, it will bead up and wipe right off. It is fabulous.

Before and After DIY TIPS for redoing your old outdoor patio cushions @dapperhouse

Here is what you need:

  • drop cloth
  • paint brush
  • leftover semi gloss paint

DIY TIP Use leftover wall paint for a weather proof solution for reviving your outdoors cushions @dapperhouse

Here is what you do:

Set out your cushions on the drop cloth.

Paint the exposed areas. Let dry.

Flip cushions over, paint the rest of the areas, let dry.

Go over the cushions and see if there are any areas that need re-touching. If yes, give them a bit of paint and let dry.

How to refresh your outdoor cushions with letover paint #DIY @dapperhouse

TIP: If you have grease or oil stains on your cushions, pre-wash them with grease cutting cleaner and let dry before painting. This also goes for other stains that may prevent paint from sticking.

Last step is to put your new cushions out and enjoy them with a glass of water and a good book!

How to paint your patio furniture @dapperhouse

I am thinking that if I want to change the colors, I can use spray paint the next time because it will now stick to the coat of paint! I will let you know.

Here is the disgusting before pictures. . .

How to Refresh Your Patio Furniture Cushions with #paint #DIY #upcycle


and the beautiful after pics!

Before and after redo DIY old cushions @dapperhouse

How to referesh your outdoor furniture cushions with weather proof paint #dapperhouse

Are you going to try this with your cushions?