Have you looked around your living room lately and felt it needed a facelift? Ironically, your living room can be a place where not much “living” happens. However, it’s the room that gives the first impression to guests, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression! So, to freshen and modernize your space, here are a few simple ideas.

Channel your Inner Marie Kondo

One of the biggest trends in modern living rooms is being tidy. The first thing to do is decide what feeling you’d like to convey with your living room. Then, declutter based on your theme. Even if you’re planning on keeping some mementos in the living room, make sure to remove them at first, and then put them back out as you decorate. This way, you start with a clean slate. Also, keep in mind, that though things may be sentimental, they may not belong in your living room. Maybe there’s a better place to put your vintage video game collection or your great aunt’s vase. Above all, make sure what you keep displayed fits with the “first impression” you’d like your living space to make.

Liven it up with Colorful Cushions

Another great way to give your living room a modern facelift is to change the color scheme. If you don’t have the option to paint or change your flooring, a relatively inexpensive way to change it up is to get some new accent pillows for your furniture. As you’re browsing for new pillows, pay close attention to textures, shades of color, and sizes of the pillows. They can dramatically change the look and feel of your living space.

Modern Accent Tables are a Must

Accent tables are one of the best ways to show off your personal style in your living space.  When selecting your accent tables, be sure to pay attention to the colors and details of each table. Most modern accent tables tend to be neutral colors and have fewer frills. In other words, these aren’t anything like your grandma’s accent tables. Make sure the tables have clean lines and double check that they will fit in your space well. Once you find the perfect accent table, also be sure to pick what you display wisely, and keep it simple.

Magnify with Mirrors

Another great way to modernize your living room is to utilize natural light and make your space look bigger. Since you can’t physically stretch the walls out or create more windows, a great trick is using a mirror. You can find a mirror to fit any budget, and mirrors can be found at almost any store with a home section. Mirrors can make smaller spaces look much bigger by making rooms appear longer. They also catch natural light from windows and magnify that light to give your space a modern, airy, and bright feel.

No matter how you decide to modernize your living room, always be true to your style and

comfort level.