I have always lived a green minded life. I have continued to make changes toward being more sustainable throughout. I am limited to my budget (going green costs money) and location (I will never have a farm where I can live off the land) so I do make changes be them large or small whenever and wherever possible. I am doing more this year again to Be More Green in 2013!! (I love that it rhymes).  So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have eliminated paper towels already and eliminating plastic baggies with reusable lunch sacks and glass containers. I have changed out our sports bottles/water bottles with reusable ones made of eco friendly products. This week I am looking into creating more recyclable products in our home. We already recycle so much more than we throw out in landfill trash, but by sorting the garbage in the upstairs level of the house, my family and I can create even more recyclable waste. 

Replace Paper Towels with Cloth 

Our family was using a ton of paper towels so this was an easy place to eliminate waste. I love the idea of using paper towels to clean messes and toss the nasty germs safely away in the garbage. I have to let my germ issues go and realize that I can use a greener solution and still be germ free. So,went to the second hand stores and bought white towels to cut up into all purpose rags. 

I got 3 strong, large towels for under $5 
and these will hopefully last us through the rest of the year! 

I got them in white so that I can bleach every last germ out of them! 
We have gone since January without paper towels and it is not a big deal at all. 
As a matter of fact, I am saving about $15 or more a month now too. 
Isn’t that outstanding? 

I am getting paid to be more eco responsible! 

Put Recycle Containers Next to Every Trash Can

Look how much clean trash there is in my bathroom alone and how little dirty garbage there is! It is essential to put a recycle container next to every regular trash can to do what is right for our Earth. 

In our house we have various levels with a basement and an upstairs. When I empty the trash cans upstairs I actually carry them down to the kitchen and sort them out into the regular and recyclable bins. 

Sometimes though there are germs from garbage touching the recyclables that I am not willing to touch or that shouldn’t go into the clean garbage. To Be More Green in 2013 I decided that sorting was good, but sorting it out into bins upstairs would create quite a bit more recyclables. This was an easy solution as I simply put a recycle container in the bathrooms so the waste is sorted and not contaminated with germs!! If you have an small space and do not think that you can do two trash cans I know that you can still find a solution. For example, use an old cereal box tucked behind the trashcan or under the sink to put clean paper and plastic into! That will take up minimal space and save the planet big time! You can even cover it with a decorative paper like I did here

Leave me a comment of ways that you are being more green in 2013 
to share ideas with me and our dapper friends! 

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse