Making Money on Ebay.
Are you looking for a way to supplement your income? 

Maybe you need a bit of extra spending cash. 

Or perhaps with the economy keeping employment opportunities scare,   

finding alternative ways to make money is crucial to you making ends meet. 

Let’s explore the options of working from home using ebay! 

Ebay is the fastest, easiest way to sell items from around your home and earn the most money. 

Not only is using ebay easy, but it is much safer than interacting with strangers on 
Craig’s List and it is going to net you so much more than a garage sale.  
A great way to start is to take a laundry basket and go to each room in your house.
 Find items that you don’t need, haven’t used in 6 months or want to get rid of.
Try to find 10 items.
Then go to ebay and search for the items you have in your basket.
Are there any of your items that are worth some money?
Did you see other items on ebay that you have in your home that are
making money that you would want to sell?
You may be asking; “I found after searching that I have
           some item that are only selling for $5 -$20 dollars. Is it even worth it?”
Well, let’s look at this scenario;
if you were able to go get a job away from home
for minimum wage you would be making approx. $7.00 per hour.
Don’t forget gas, food, uniform and other work related expenses.
If you work at home for an hour taking pictures of your item,
 typing up a description and listing your sale on ebay,
is it worth at least minimum wage?
You bet it is!
And the more you do it, the faster you get and this increases your income per hour.
I recommend not selling items for less than $5.00
on ebay because the fees that ebay takes out will not make it worth your time.
Remember to calculate the fees into your profit/loss.
I look at the fees as paying a reasonable price for ebay’s services, security,
venue and of course their advertising and reputation!
It is definitely worth it.
People often ask; “Wouldn’t it be easier to just have a garage sale?”
Straight answer, No.
 Garage sales are very  time consuming and end up being
more work for a LOT less money.
For example, if you have a pair of name brand jeans in good condition,
you might sell them for .50 cents to $5 at a garage sale.
Go on ebay and look at the price of those same jeans.
They could be selling for  $10 to  $50 or more depending on the brand!
Or lets say that you have a pile of nice clothes that your child has outgrown.
You have tagged your items and set them out at a garage sale.
Inevitably people will pick up a big pile of your things
 and offer you a couple bucks for everything,
 leaving you with a huge loss on already dirt cheap prices.
 Now go to ebay and search your child’s clothing size and the word “lot”.
 You will see for yourself how high people are bidding on these piles of clothes!
You are sure to make so much more than you would having a garage sale.
But wait!
The garage sale can factor in to this equation for you to make money at home!!
Use garage sales to find your inventory!
  Spend some time on ebay finding out what is selling well then
YOU go to the garage sales
and buy a pair of jeans for a quarter and re-sell them on ebay for $20.
You get the picture?
Better yet…
Have internet on your phone?
Pull up ebay when you are at garage sales.
When you see an item that you think might be worth something,
look it up (discreetly of course) and if it is selling at a price you like
then snatch it up, take it home, and sell it!
Name Brand Purses and clothing, antiques, kids clothes, toys, camera equipment,
books and more can be found for pennies at garage sales
 and resold for a profitable income.
I often hear that many people are intimidated by the thought of going through
 the steps to sell on ebay, but ebay has made their site so user friendly
that it is fool-proof.
 It is a supportive and interactive site that guides you through the processes.
Plus, there are many features to assist you like printing labels and postage from home,
 FAQ and forums, growth strategy articles, seller protection, and so much more.
You can do it!