I truly love sensory bins to scaffold children’s learning. They are endless in the amount of subjects you can teach and they are just plain FUN! Use the search bar to find the many sensory bin ideas I have for you to do with your child or classroom. This post is about how to make a Frog Themed Counting Sensory Bin.


You will need:

  • small frogs in various matching colors or designs
  • a large piece of green craft foam for the lily pads
  • paint or paint marker to add the numbers
  • a small bowl and small spoon for hand eye coordination
  • colored rice (fast and easy DIY colored rice here)


Cut out 4 (or more) lily pads from the foam and number them with the paint. You should have enough frogs to have matching sets for each lily pad.


You can teach counting, sorting, patterns and more just with this one easy box!



Have your child practice scooping rice for hand eye coordination and of course let them use their creativity to just play!



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