How to Live the Sideline Lifestyle at Youth Sports #SaveSnackScore

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Being a youth sports parent is super fun! We have three children ages 26, 22 and 14 and they have been in sports since they were old enough to play. Our lives have focused heavily (if not centered) around practices, games and tournaments. My husband and I have spent the past 20 years being sideline supporters for our children and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Being on the sidelines this amount of time has taught us many tips and tricks to prepare for living the sideline lifestyle. I would love to share them with you!

Tips for Living the Sideline Lifestyle at Youth Sports 

Tip 1. You MUST represent your team! Often times sports organizations will have ways to purchase team wear for the parents. If you don’t have spirit wear, buy clothing and accessories in your child’s team colors!  Not only d you want to show your support for your team, but you also never want to be caught wearing the other team’s colors by accident!

Tip 2. Don’t be “that” parent on the sideline! Discuss with your child the level of noise and involvement they are comfortable with during their games. Some kids love to hear their parents shouting encouragement from the sidelines, while others get distracted, upset or embarrassed. Do what is best for your child and what is appropriate for everyone around you. There are many ways to cheer and show your support!

Tip 3. Prepare for any weather and any type of field or gym. Pack your car with things like a small first aid kit, sunscreen, rain ponchos, umbrellas (for sun or rain), heavy blankets, stadium seat cushions and  folding chairs. You always have to prepare for any situation when heading to an unfamiliar field or tournament site and you want to show up being a sideline professional.

Tip 4. You won’t always know if there are stores, restaurants or snack bars around so you have to plan ahead to have snacks and drinks. Being hungry and thirsty on the sidelines is really difficult to deal with. It can run you down so you don’t have the energy that your child and team needs for support but it can also make you crabby and you can’t live the sideline lifestyle being a bummer. Parenting sports athletes requires high energy and good vibes! Also, you will want to pack a lot of extras because part of being a sideline hero is sharing with other parents who did’t plan as well as you!

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Check out other ideas for being a sideline hero here!

Do you have sports practices, games and tournaments coming up? Don’t be ill prepared! Get your team gear ready, pack the car with supplies and stock up to stay refreshed and fueled to cheer on your sports heroes during their games!

17 thoughts on “How to Live the Sideline Lifestyle at Youth Sports #SaveSnackScore

  1. Thanks Nicole! (A bonus is that all these weekend tournaments get me out of cleaning the house – lol)

  2. It is all about the drinks for us. We are a karate family, so the kids need to stay hydrated.

  3. Nice! I love these snacks and we have them in the house often. My kids aren’t currently playing sports but if they return to it, I’ll keep these tips in mind.

  4. #2 is so important. Different kids have different personalities. Some love to have that hilarious loud parent screaming on the sidelines while others are mortified!

  5. These are great tips for parents who have children in youth sports. My son plays soccer and I enjoy attending his games. We also really love Powerade! We take Powerade with us to his games and even when we’re out and about.

  6. These are all great tips. I appreciate the one about being prepared for where you are. Have the umbrella handy just in case and having an extra blanket and sunscreen are vital!

  7. These are great tips and I’ll be putting them to use as I watch Tyler playing this summer. I need to start preparing for any kind of weather because I was left unprepared last time when a storm blew in.

  8. My kids aren’t into any sports yet, but these are great tips! I surely wouldn’t want to dress like I am supporting the other team!

  9. My son plays soccer in summer and we love being his sideline heroes. This time round, we might get matching color top to support his team. Snacks and drinks are always well appreciated after a friendly game.

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