Certain music can help motivate you to keep your feet going. A recent study shows that music can have a very positive impact on your running performance.

Many runners like to put on their favorite music to help push themselves through a run. From full-on rock anthems to hardcore rap, we all have tunes that we listen to when we want that extra push. Here’s how to listen to music while running.

Invest in Quality Headphones

One of the best ways to stay in sync with the environment is to invest in premium earphones. You want to look for a pair that provides excellent sound but still lets you hear what’s happening around you. Keep in mind that noise-canceling headphones and earbuds may not serve you well while running.

If you must cover both ears use headphones that allow you to hear sirens, oncoming vehicles, and other traffic sounds. AirPods Pro, for example, has a noise isolating design, making them an ideal choice for your everyday runs.

While AirPods are possibly some of the best headphones you’ll ever use, you may need to fix them (mostly for new AirPods) for quality audio. Here’s an easy way to reset AirPods and have the firmware update.

Remove Headphones in Heavy Traffic

This is one piece of advice that is often ignored. If there are a lot of bikes, cars, people, and a lot happening around you, you’ll want to stop the music and unplug your headphones. For safety reasons, you’ll definitely want to have all of your senses aware of your surroundings while in heavy traffic.

Carry Your Phone in an Armband

If you listen to your favorite tunes via phone, the best way to listen to music while running is carrying it in an armband. An armband can prevent your phone from dropping. Also, some armbands are sweatproof.

To use an armband, loop it around one of your upper arms and secure it in place with straps. Push your phone into the armband once you’re ready to run and choose your songs. Don’t forget to ensure the slot for your phone is facing up.

Many armband models have slots or holes at the bottom to plug in your headphones. If you don’t have an armband, you can use a running belt to hold your phone. Fit belts have multiple openings and have pockets that are large enough to hold items like a music player or smartphone.

If you don’t like armbands and fit belts, you may hold the phone in your hands─ though it may more likely drop as you run.

Keep the Volume at Reasonable Levels

Take it easy on your ears. If you’re looking for that simple but effective advice about how to listen to music while running this might be it.

Blasting your ears with the songs you like might provide you more drive but it also has consequences. Listening to high-volume music may cause noise-induced hearing problems, damage your heart, and other health issues. Not only does listening at low volume protect you from these risks but it also protects you from accidents.

Dress Appropriately

To run comfortably while listening to music, you need to dress for the occasion. Make sure to wear the right clothes and running shoes. And if you have a phone, you should consider getting yourself a forearm sleeve.

Wearing comfortable running shoes can make runs more comfortable. As for the forearm sleeve, it sticks comfortably on your lower arm. This makes it easy to connect your earphones and listen to music.

Use a Smart Watch with Musical Playback and GPS

Sync your music with your smartwatch or plug it into your computer and listen offline. Some smartwatches come with built-in activity profiles for cycling and running. These watches can accommodate hundreds of songs that you can switch with ease. Mobile Mob has the best information regarding the fitbit charge 4 tracker. 

Some watches also allow you to access Spotify from the screen. Most smartwatches are light so you’ll barely notice any significant weight on your wrist. However, high-end smartwatches can be expensive so choose wisely before making the investment.

Find the Right Tempo Range

When it comes to running, there’s actually a sound reason.  For example, listening to songs within the range of 120-140 beats per minute can help improve your performance.

Fast-paced songs help take your mind away from the pain and aches of running, which helps you to remain focused. To take it a notch higher, you want to listen to tunes that mirror your heart rate and running ability. It doesn’t have to be metal or rock music─ any melodies that meet the condition are welcome.

Make a Playlist

Remember to create a playlist of songs to listen to before starting to run. Select enough tunes to last you the entire time you’ll be running.  This helps as you won’t run out of favorite tunes while exercising.

Organize the tunes in your playlist or shuffle them up to listen to random songs. You can name your playlist “Running Music” or something motivating so you know what music to play on a run.

Follow Road Rules

Different states may have different rules for bikers and runners. Generally speaking, bikers should follow the same rules that apply to vehicles. Runners tend to follow the same rules as pedestrians. Refresh your knowledge by checking with your local department of transportation.

Just because you adhere to traffic rules, that doesn’t everybody else on the road is. It’s easy to be carried away by your favorite music but avoid getting too distracted, or you might end up in trouble.

Be sure to watch for other runners, pedestrians, cyclists, emergency, and speeding vehicles. Be mindful of not doing things like making abrupt lane changes as this can lead to an accident.

Learn How to Listen to Music While Running Safely

Listening to music can help improve your running cadence. It can also improve focus, provide you with an ongoing stimulus, and leave you feeling more positive. So, plugin with a playlist and push through the many hard runs.

Take some tips from this article to learn how to listen to music while running. If you’re looking for more fitness tips to help you get in shape, check out our blog for articles.