In every situation you want to do what you can to keep your children safe. School events are one thing that parents often can’t control, especially if that event is camping or taking children out on a school trip. You can sign all of the risk assessments and consent letters that you want to, but it doesn’t stop that inevitable panic worrying that you children won’t come home.¬†

It may sound like a reach, but for some parents that panic is very real. It’s so important that you understand that everything you do for your children is always in their best interest, and keeping them safe during school events is not just your responsibility. When you hand your children over to the school, you expect that with the right preparation and support together, you can trust that your child will have a great time without putting themselves and all others in danger. So, how can you keep your children safe during school events? Let’s take a look below.

  • Have a conversation. As the trip or event starts to loom on the calendar, you need to sit down and have a conversation with your child about appropriate conduct and behavior on a school trip. Of course, their teachers will also have the same conversations, but from a parenting POV you need to make sure that you have their attitude correct before they go. Of course, your teenager or your child is going to want to exact their own independence, but it’s not always easy to do that When they are supposed to be under school jurisdiction. Talk about what your expectations are and what they should expect from themselves.
  • Make sure that they have the appropriate ID. School ID is often something kids will carry with them on a school trip so that they can be easily identified from other children in the same area. For your teenager, however, they might need an ID to show that they are 18 plus. Whether it’s a key pass, a driver’s license or a card to show that they are old enough to go into different places, you want to make sure that they are not going to be embarrassed or made a fool of while they’re out having fun.
  • Talk about a buddy system. On all school trips most teachers implement a buddy system so that your child is never going anywhere by themselves. Reinforcing the importance of sticking with their friends is vital, and you should also join their friends into the same conversation so that you know that they can have each other’s backs. Whether it’s camping, skiing abroad, or a simple trip to a local museum, ensuring that your child is with somebody
  • Negotiate some boundaries. As your child is getting older, they may want to go on an independent international trip with their school. If you decide to go ahead and pay for this trip, then they need to be educated on what the appropriate boundaries could be. They will still need you to set boundaries even though they’re trying to reach out and do things independently, so encourage them to plan their days properly so that they don’t find themselves in trouble. You don’t want them to do silly things out of boredom, and if they have a plan for each day they are going to have a much more memorable experience.
  • Talk about the safety services. What is their school doing to keep your child safe? If you know what their safety protocols are, you could discuss these with your child and make sure that they are aware of what to do if there is an emergency. Of course, they will already know how to call the emergency authorities but what are they doing in terms of their teachers? This is a conversation that their school should have with you, especially if you are to sign off that they are to have consent for this trip.

Keeping your children safe on a school event or trip is important, and now you have some tips to help you to do just that. Allowing your child to gain their own independence is important. This is going to show them that you trust them, and this is going to be up to you to let them see that they can trust you too. It’s a great way to encourage your children to do things for themselves while having fun with their friends and staying safe.

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