What is one of the most rewarding and simultaneously testing trials of life? If you’ve answered parenting, you’d be right. Nothing else compares to the laughter, the smiles, the fun times but also the trials and tribulations. And if you’re the parent of baby twins, you’re in for a double dose. 

In this useful article, we’re going to explain how you can handle outings with your twin babies. This may seem overwhelming at first, but once you read on you’ll discover that outings with twins can be managed and also enjoyed.

Invest in a Double Pram

A double pram is a non-negotiable purchase with baby twins, unless you want to try pushing two prams, one in each hand. Let us know how you go with that! 

A good double pram allows you to get out and about while your twins are young and not yet walking. You may wish to opt for a model with cup holders and other additional features, but your choice will depend on your budget and your personal preferences.

Pack Your Supplies Wisely

The key to successful outings with twins is being stocked, supplied and prepared for anything. You’ll want to pack a bag with nappies, wet wipes, bottles and formula if you’re feeding them that way, as well as snacks for yourself and a drink. Eventually, you’ll want to upgrade the supplies with teething gel, baby food and other essentials. 

Time it Right

With babies, timing is everything, and twins are no exception to this rule. 

For instance, if you have a long car drive planned, try to leave at a time when they are due a nap. This means they’ll spend the drive sleeping, and be full of beans and ready to engage in your activity when you arrive. 

Also, knowing your kids’ routines will help you plan the duration of the outing as well, so you can aim to get home to put them down for a nap right when they begin to get tired and cranky. 

While there will be lots of times in their lives and upbringing for long days out, sometimes less is more when they are still young. There’s nothing wrong with a short outing after all. 

Invite Friends and Family

Many hands make light work after all, and chances are the people close to you are just dying to spend some time with your new bundles of joy. Reach out to friends and family and see if they’d like to come along for the outing. They should be happy to lend a helping hand.

As well as being able to help out with the twins, you will probably be dying for some adult conversation and interaction as well. 

Stick to Family Friendly Locations

For the time being, stick to kid-friendly places. Some examples might include the local park, the museum, the library or the zoo. Play centres are another great option, and many have dedicated areas for kids under two. 

If you plan on eating out, scope out the local family-friendly cafes and restaurants. This way, you can avoid having fussy twins in a quieter, more adult-oriented eatery. 

A Child Raising Conclusion

Make sure that you invest in a decent double pram, outings with twins will be impossible without one. Pack your supplies wisely, with a fully stocked bag of everything you could need for both the babies and yourself. Timing is everything, so try and fit the outing in around your twins’ sleeping schedules. Invite some friends and family to help lighten the load, and stick to family-friendly locations for your outings.