In the middle of February 2013 I made The Big Switch from Blogger to WordPress. This decision is one that many bloggers on contemplates and stresses over due to the many factors involved with transferring to a new host and platform. I contemplated it for a long while because I only blog in my free time for my “me time” and wasn’t sure if the hassle and money were quite worth the benefits. I felt as though I had to justify my wants for my blog. My blog may not be my income source, but I realized that I did not have to legitimize my time spent blogging measured in financial profitability. I love blogging and that is the end goal that I achieve every time I engage in what I do online! Loving what I do is certainly legitimate enough to pursue greater things for my blog. That being said, I am so glad that I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress but it was NOT an easy feat and caused me much grief and problems during the long process. I wish that I had written everything down as I was going through the problems I encountered so that I could help other bloggers, but truth be told, while troubleshooting as I went along I managed to solve problems without knowing what I was doing; without having the verbiage or knowledge to know how I was fixing things. I just knew the why and went at it! Luckily it ended up a success, but I am still an eager novice and always learning more. I may not be able to help you with the questions and answers for the actual blog transfer, but I am able to share with you the tips and tricks I am learning as I go along in WordPress.

In this post I will address feedburner and e-mail subscriptions.

I came upon this problem while trying to understand how to find my “blog followers” in WordPress and while troubleshooting why I was not getting new feedburner e-mail subscribers.

I don’t know what I did to mess up my feed but I lost my subscribers and had to create a new one. Then I went to the widget in my side bar and clicked on my e-mail subscribe only to have a notice tell me that my feed was not enabled! (WHAT?!?!) This whole time my new dapper friends were getting an error notice – (ugh.)

Here is what I figured out . . .

How To Enable e-mail Feed Subscriptions.

  1. I logged into my feedburner account at
  2. I clicked my new feed
  3. I selected the tab on the top that is labeled ‘publicize’
  4. In the left sidebar menu I clicked ‘Email Subscriptions’
  5. As I scrolled down I saw that I needed to select ‘activate’.

YAY!  (This is the fast version of what I actually did – LOL)

Now I have to get the word out to my dapper friends that now (finally) they can subscribe to my feed!

Get The Links and Boxes for Subscribers

While in the ‘publicize’ & ‘e-mail subscriptions’ tab (from the steps above)

you chose the sub heading ‘subscription management’. This gives you two codes to copy and paste! The first one is a box that looks like this:

Enter your email address:Delivered by FeedBurner

The second bit of code gives you a direct link that looks like this:

Subscribe to by Email

Remenber to hit the ‘SAVE’ button at the bottom when you make changes in anything! 

*I added the code to my sidebar in a ‘text’ widget.

** I edited the size of the box and the wording in the html so that it would better suit the space on my blog.

PLEASE Subscribe to my blog 🙂