You need a raise, you want a raise and you think that you deserve a raise. But doesn’t everyone? We have to figure out how to convince your company that you deserve a raise so they will give you one. Here is what I know and how I think you should ask for the raise you want and deserve.

How Raises Work

I know people who have been in charge of giving raises. It can work a variety of different ways because each company has their own system of how to distribute the money allocated in the overall budget for raises.

Typically rasies are given based on performance but other times companies give a flat percentage or dollar amount across all employees. Some companies are flexible on a case by case basis. So keeping in mind that there may be some limitations on what your boss can give is important. If they tell you that they agree with you deserving a raise but that you have to wait until the next round of reviews, decide for yourself if you are better off staying or finding a different job that will pay more. Go on job interviews and figure out what your other options are to help you make the most profitable decision for your future. If you like where you are and you believe that you will get the raise. wait it out.

Maybe going in and showing what a powerful asset you are to the company will motivate your boss to go and fight for your raise. There are many ways that it can go! The point here is to ensure that one way or another, you get that money.

Steps to take to get the raise you want.

The bottom line is to show your value and provide reasons why you are the best person to provide the value. What I mean is. your boss may see that you do a great job, but can they hire someone else for less who will do the exact same thing?

How can you make yourself of high value to your company?

1.) Research what other people in your position are making. Go online, go on job interviews and don’t be afraid to ask around in social circles what other people in the same field as you are making. You have to know if the raise you are asking for is reasonable for your position, industry, location, education, etc.

2.) Make a list of reasons that you are highly valued in your position. And don’t be bashful. This is one time in your life when you really need to shine so be generous. Answer why you are excelling above and beyond what they hired you to do. If you have a list of your job description that they put together (either at your job interview, in an ad for your position or upon hiring you), use it word for word to show how you do that and much more. Give specific accounts of times when you were loyal to your comany. Times when you were a leader to coworkers. Times that you took on more than your share and excelled. And this one is key: show how you have improved in so many ways over time to make the company more profitable.

3.) Before you ask for your raise, do whatever you can to get continuing educaton or training that will 1. be vaulable to your position, 2. put you a head above your co-workers or 3. prepare you for the next step up on the ladder. This will show upper management that you  are a go-getter! That you have taken the initiative to make yourself more valuable to the company. (They certainly won’t want to lose you to a competitor when you ask for that raise!) It will show that you are dedicated to improving yourself which will in turn, benefit your company.

Look at the courses offered by Open Academy and find the ones that will make you better at what you do. They have so many continuing education courses that I would be surprised if you didn’t find at least 3-5 that would make you a better candidate for a raise.

Once you have taken the courses and you have your certification, schedule time to meet with your boss or HR department.

Let them know the courses you took and explain how they have made you better at your current job. Explain how the certifications you earned, dirctly apply to making you qualified to move up in the chain of command at your job.

Courses are designed to be completed in 60 days (you can get extensions if needed) so get registered for your classes right now and get started ASAP before you get busy and it falls into your “to do” pile. Your future is important enough to make moves now!! IOA Courses.

Go get ’em tiger!

Negotiate for the exact amount of money that you want. Don’t do the “Start high so they can talk you down” game. This isn’t a used car, this is your career! Don’t settle for less than you know that you are worth and that you would get somewhere else. Stick to your guns.

The shortlist.

  1. Research your position and pay. Decide on the exact raise you deserve.
  2. Make a list of ways that you bring undeniable value to your company.
  3. Include in that list what you do to excell at your job description.
  4. Educate yourself to show that you have personal direction and drive as well as how the continual education makes you more qualified to excell in your position.

How to go in for the ask.

Now that you are ready, set up a meeting with the person (or people) who are in charge of your raise. Let them know that you want to schedule a time to talk about your current performance and career growth. You don’t need to mention that you are asking for a raise because you want to present your assets and have them rallying for you first.


  1. Practice presenting your information to a person who can give you positive and productive feedback. If you don’t have anyone, no worries. Practive outloud and on your own. Keep speaking outloud until you have much of your talking points memorized so your conversation flows naturally during your meeting.
  2. Do not be aggressive while asking for a raise and do not threaten to leave if you don’t get your raise. You want to be positive and professional. Even if you get denied and decide to leave the company, leave in good standing and in high regard. You never know when your paths may cross again, or that they may come back and offer it to you at a later time. Always be your best and be the kind of person that companies want to hire.

Good luck with your raise!!