It is no surprise to our neighbors and friends that we drive our cars until they die. We do not upgrade every few years or even every decade to a nicer model car. We just drive the same car until “beater” and “piece of junk” are the only nice ways left to explain them. Before I tell you about CarBrain I will tell you my story.

We just recently got rid of an old Mazda Protege that had been handed down through three generations. It was a small 4 door that we could be easily fixed at home with inexpensive parts so we all kept it running long after it had passed away. It was like a horrifying ghost that would never leave!

The paint on this vehicle was so badly oxidized that the original color was unrecognizable. One side mirror was broken, The other torn clean off. The bumpers had turned crispy, the wheels were rusted out but the ugliness of the outside did not begin to compare to the sometimes sad but often more horrifying interior. The car had sat in the hot Arizona sun for so many decades that the ceiling had fried. Strips of fabric were tuning to dust and chunks of insulation that had turned rock hard would fall on you constantly. The seats were all rusty springs with no padding, the seat belts no longer worked and the car could barely shift into any of the gears. It was an anxiety filled crap shoot to drive or be driven in this car. But it got our son to school and work right near our home while he saved up for a new one. Without exaggeration, it was one of the happiest days of my life when my son was able to have that embarrassing death trap removed from our driveway and replaced with a nice and newer used car that he can be proud of.

This picture below shows first, a photo of a Honda Protege that I found online. This is what the car looked like in its newer years. The next two photos are also cars that I found online that are a more accurate portrayal of how bad the car looked cosmetically. The fourth picture portrays how the car ran and its safety. This car was completely pathetic.

Luckily there is a fantastic and much needed service called CarBrain that takes our old junk cars away for free. But get this. . . they even pay you for your car!! Yep, even wrecked, broken-down or damaged vehicles can be sold to CarBrain online and fast! They buy cars nationwide. 

It is literally as easy as:

  • 1. (Enter the car details online and click “submit”)
  • 2. (Look over your offer and accept.
  • 3. (Get paid and have the car removed all within 24 – 48 hours!

Get some peace of mind and some cash too by going to CarBrain where an estimate takes only 90 seconds and you are on your way to a clean garage and some cash in hand.

Here are some of their most recent purchases. . .