For someone who hasn’t explored spirituality before, the idea can feel very overwhelming, but what’s important to remember is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to your own beliefs or spirituality. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you’re religious; you can be religious and spiritual, or you can be spiritual even if you don’t follow a religion.

What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual?

Spirituality can be a very personal thing, but it’s about what you believe in in terms of a higher purpose and the universe around you. It can be about finding a sense of well-being by connecting with nature, with peace, with guidance, or anything which speaks to you. 

It’s about disconnecting from material things and connecting more with a way of being.

How to Get in Touch with Your Spiritual Side 

Spend Time Getting to Know Yourself 

To firstly be able to explore your own spiritual side, you need to better understand yourself. It can be a good idea to note down a few ideas and beliefs you have about everyday life, the world around you, and what you’d like to connect with. For instance, if you’re a nature lover, perhaps spirituality relating to caring for the earth and feeling inspired by nature would resonate with you. 

If you aren’t religious, note down the things that you do believe in and which matter to you. 

Try Journaling

Journaling can be a great way to delve deeper into your everyday thoughts and beliefs. Gratitude journaling, in particular, can be a great way to acknowledge the things which mean more in life, as well as journaling helping you to open your heart and be more honest with how you’re feeling. 

Try Meditation

Meditation is one way to disconnect from the material world around you and any distractions while helping you to connect to yourself and the energy around you. Meditation is a great practice if you’re looking to tap into relaxing energies and focus more on the way your mind and body feel. 

Yoga can also be a great exercise to combine with meditation, as yoga is all about connecting with the mind and body as a whole. You can find a comfortable pink yoga mat from Manduka to help get you started on your journey. 

Give Solo Traveling a Go

Solo traveling can really combine the best of everything when it comes to spiritual journeys, and especially if you’re going to be traveling to spiritual and cultural places around the globe. 

Solo traveling helps you to escape from your everyday routine and spend time with yourself. Putting yourself in a new place and situation can help you to think differently about what you want from life and how you feel and is the perfect opportunity for an epiphany or two!

Final Thoughts

You may even want to try a few of these steps as a starting point to see how spirituality feels to you. You can still enjoy the benefits of these steps even if you decide you’re not spiritual at all or it’s not for you. Each of these areas to explore can help you to at least improve your mind and body and connect with yourself.