I don’t  know about you, but I plucked the crap out of my eyebrows so that I could be “in style” back in my day. I hold the belief that the fashion and  beauty industry find a feature or quality that is a rarity among most people and then they make that the trend. This is the way that they can get people to strive for a”perfection” that they don’t have and therefore purchase tons of products that they hope will bring them closer to their goals. It is all a bunch of crap and we all fall for it, right? I mean, imagine if we come to a place in this world where older people are revered and respected and not judged on physical appearance… it would really create a massive crisis in the money making beauty industry that promises us youthfulness. Truth be told, if I had the money right now I would get my eyes done, some botox, lip injections and more because that is what I “need” to conform to the standard of beauty. Since I do not have the money, I have to fall back on my strong character and great personality to carry me through while my looks plunge into the dark side of aging.

Wait. Was I talking about eyebrows?

Oh yeah…so here is a youtube video I made about enhancing our over-plucked and greying eyebrows with some tips and tricks that you can implement in only a few minutes each day.

I hope you enjoy the video!