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Are you a person who accomplishes more with the music on and too many tabs open on your computer? Or do you need peace and quiet and a detailed list to get your work done? The best way to be productive anywhere is to find your own balance of things that help you work most efficiently. Working from home can be a huge success because you have the opportunity to control more variables. Here are some strategies and ideas that will help you work more productively from your home office.

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1. Create a comfortable environment. You don’t want to work from your couch wrapped up in a cozy blanket or you might not get much done. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair with the sun in your eyes, you are not going to be productive either. Create a comfort level that provides optimum focus throughout your work time and adjust as needed. Consider these factors:

  • Invest in a comfortable office furniture like a comfortable chair and adjust it to the right height for your legs and desk.
  • Control the temperature in the room so that you are not too hot or too cold. Buy a fan and space heater to help with this.
  • Up your oxygen and fresh air by opening windows when it is nice out and by growing potted plants in your office. Get an air purifier if your home office has a concentration of allergens or pollution.
  • Sound has a huge influence on mood and productivity. You can use white noise to drown out distracting sounds. Put calming background music or nature sounds on low to relieve tension. Use upbeat music to get you motivated and moving out of a slump.

Ways to be more productive when you work from home @dapperhouse


Keep food and drinks on hand. Make certain that you have a stash of healthy choices in your home office. While we all need a bit of chocolate now and then, unhealthy options drain our bodies of strength and focus. Time can really get away from you when you work from home. Don’t look up at the clock and realize you haven’t eaten for many hours because you couldn’t break away. Plan ahead a bit for success and your health. Here are some supplies to have near your desk:

  • bottled water
  • carbonated water
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • nuts and seeds
  • protein bars
  • peanut butter (with celery, carrots, whole grain crackers)
  • mint flavored chewing gum
  • caffeinated beverages (if you need them) like soda or coffee

Keep healthy food and drinks on hand in your home office to stay focused and be more productive @dapperhouse

Don’t sabotage yourself when you work at home! Take responsibility for your own work space and health. Invest in the things that you need each day to be more productive and focused.

Here are some of the things that I have in my home office:

How to be more productive from your home office @dapperhouse Work from Home

1. comfortable, adjustable chair

2. white noise & nature sounds machine

3. shelf stocked with flavored waters and protein bars

4. space heater and fan to adjust the room temperature

5. plants to purify and oxygenate the air

more ideas for working more productively in a home office @dapperhouse #workfromhome

What are your tips for being more productive?