A receding hairline is common to both men and women. often characterized by baldness, it can is caused by factors like old age, hormonal changes, and family history.  While there is no single pattern to a receding hairline, or process in how it occurs, it shows itself by one common symptom- hair loss. 

However, before hair starts falling out, you will notice the uneven appearance of hair, which typically develops into an M-shape. Thereafter, the hair at the back of the head will start to fall out, causing a bald spot. 

The good news is that a receding hairline is not permanent. Here are a few ways to fix a receding hairline:

  • Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet is the best way to make your hair healthy. Foods with natural antioxidants such as kidney beans, blueberries, and walnuts play an active role in hair growth. Also, vitamins (A, B, and E)  and lots of fruits and vegetables improve the way hair looks. 

Protein is an important hair growth ingredient because of the simple fact that hair follicles are protein. Therefore, a lack of protein may result in hair loss. On the other hand, fatty fish is also a good hair growth agent because it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Take advantage of medications

Minodoxol is the most common herbal remedy for receding hairline. When you notice signs of balding, the consistent application of topical minodoxil will result in hair growth. However, do not expect your hair to grow back overnight courtesy of this medication. Hair will grow back after a while of consistent use. 

Finasteride is also a medication that will lower the hormones that cause a receding hairline. Herbal medicine is always taken orally to promote hair growth and loss. 

  • Go herbal

There is an array of topical herbal preparations that support healthy hair growth. They have been used to treat hair loss since time immemorial. For instance, Chinese hibiscus, aloe vera, and ginseng are great ways to get rid of your receding hairline. 

Even better is that you can combine several herbs together to create ideal conditioning for your hair. The secret is rubbing the treatments into your hair for two minutes every night and you will see wonderful results in no time.

  • Change your shampoo

Remember, shampoos should be gentle on your hair. If anything, it should excite your hair follicles. As such, you should never use shampoos with harsh chemicals because they only weaken your hair follicles and prevents the sebum (natural hair oil) from flowing freely. 

According to research, good shampoo has ketoconazole, a hair growth ingredient. Always check for this ingredient before purchasing shampoo.

It is also important to use the right products even before your hair starts falling out. You can also incorporate hair growing treatments into your daily routine. They exist in form of hair growth or hair repair serums. This will ensure that your hair remains full and thick. 

  • Don’t forget about the essential oils

If you do not use essential oils then you are missing out on their amazing benefits. Essential oils like Peppermint OilTrusted Source and Lavender Oil have been helpful for those who are suffering from receding hairlines. However, mix them with carrier oils like coconut and jojoba oils before ap[plying them to the scalp. 

  • Massage your scalp

Even your scalp deserves total love and care. By getting a massage, you will not only be stimulating it but also allow it to grow more luscious hair. 

When there is increased blood flow around the scalp, and more specifically to your hairline, then you will be stimulating the growth of your hair follicles. Simply ensure that you manually massage for four minutes every day. 

  • Lower stress and anxiety

Believe it or not, high levels of stress and anxiety are scientifically associated with hair loss. Bringing down your stress levels is not only good for your overall health but your receding hairline as well. Through frequent exercise and relaxation techniques, you will be able to burn out the stress hormones. 


Granted, a receding hairline can be upsetting for anyone, it does pose any health risks. Therefore, fixing your receding hairline is mostly for looks and aesthetics. Needless to say, everyone deserves to look great. 

By following the aforementioned methods, you will be able to manage your receding hairline. However, it is important to discuss any course of treatment with your healthcare provider as they will advise and recommend the most favorable products for you.