Many of us deal with the occasional headache. Mine are usually caused from sinus pressure or stress and I am able to fight them off and get through my day. I have friends who suffer daily from ridiculous  headaches and others who once a migraine strikes, are out of  commission. The best thing you can do for a headache is to relax and take an over the counter medication that is made to treat headaches. A combination of caffeine and pain relievers is proven to be the best strategy to relief. There are many brands available over the counter. Along with your pain relief medicine you can soothe yourself and calm your pain with these 5 tips and tricks guaranteed to relieve a headache.

5 tips and tricks to relieve a headache - jenny at dapperhouse - health

1.) Lie down in a quiet room with your head well supported and a cool cloth on your head and neck.

2.) Massage your own face, temples, neck and head. If you can enlist some support have someone do the massage for you and include your scalp as well.

3.) Play your favorite relaxing music on a low volume. Try not to use head phones unless there are a lot of distractions and background noise that you need to block out.

4.) Use scents to calm your nerves and ease your pain. Lavender, peppermint and rosemary are aromatherapy treatments that are known to work well. You can buy oils, candles, lotion…even suck on a peppermint candy if you can.

5.) Is your headache above or behind your eyes? Do you have congestion or post nasal drip? Your headache could be from an allergy or sinus infection. Taking a decongestant or allergy medication might do the trick.

5 ways to relieve a headache - jenny at dapperhouse

Did you know that headaches can also be caused by certain foods and preservatives? Eating and drinking a healthy diet can cure headaches too! If you are getting frequent headaches it may be worth your time to jot down in a journal or on a calendar what foods you had to eat before the headache started. You might notice a trend and avoid them altogether!

Are you a person who suffers from headaches?

What are some strategies that you have found work to lessen or cure a headache?

If you are getting mild and occasional headaches you can try the ideas in this article. If you are getting debilitating or frequent headaches you are best advised to see a doctor.