Understanding yourself is the path to happiness and life fulfilment in all areas, but especially in the world of work. Since so much of our lives are spent earning money to pay rent, bills and enjoy our friends and family, it makes sense to enjoy the work we do as much as possible.  

Carry out a personality test 

Personality tests were developed in the middle of the twentieth century by some prominent psychologists; one of the best-known ones is called the Myers-Briggs personality test. These tests ask you a series of situational questions that help to place your personality in a category. 

Based on your personality category, you can then make more informed decisions about your career choices, partners, general interests, and more. If that sounds too simple to be true, there is a caveat, not everyone agrees on the accuracy of the tests; but they can still be helpful.  

Work with a creative professional 

If you find yourself at a crossroads in your life or your career, it can help to work with a creative professional. Some people choose to work with a therapist at times like this, which can be helpful, but if you want a more hands-on approach with plenty of guidance, find Eva Carlston.

Eva Carlston Academy is a hub for therapy, arts, and academics; it’s an excellent place to explore your potential with qualified professionals and re-discover your life path. If you are at a crossroads in your life, don’t stress; read Eva Carlston Academy reviews and book a place.   

Try out some work for introverts 

One of the main scales in the personality test is the introvert and extrovert scale, which determines how outgoing someone is. In reality, people are a mixture of introverts and extroverts, but some people are more advanced on one side of the scale than on the other.   

If you like working alone, you might be better suited to a backroom job in an office or running your own business from home. In the past, there were fewer places for introverts in the world, but nowadays, there are lots of opportunities online for introverts to find work and expression. 

Try out some work for extroverts 

If you take a personality test and it shows that you are an introvert, there is nothing wrong with testing the theory; why not take up an extroverted task or job to find out how you react? Similarly, if the test shows that you are an extrovert, see how you feel in an introverted job role. 

Extroverts enjoy interaction and activity; they get energy from the world and enjoy connecting with other people. Extrovert roles are numerous in the world, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one; positions include things like public relations, events planning, and more.  

Stay flexible with your career choices

In the past, people stayed with a single career their entire lives, but that is uncommon nowadays. Today, people are expected to change careers four or five times in the course of their lives, so it’s important to remain open to new possibilities and to stay flexible as you develop. 

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