The first rule of coloring your hair in pretty pastel colors is to have the natural color lifted from your hair to near white.

I highly recommend that you have a trusted professional do this step because intense bleach can cause irreparable damage to your natural hair. A hair professional will do it in stages and know the combinations of chemicals to use for your hair.

Once you have close to white hair, you can choose the pastel color(s) that you want to use. I chose Colorista  semi-permanent so that it would not fade or rinse out right away.

The first colors I did were blue and purple on the bottom half of my hair. I did not want the colors to be too bold so I mixed half and half color and conditioner. I added a tad bit more color but it was close to a  1:1  ratio.

I alternated strands of blue and purple and let it sit according to the directions. I then rinsed it, dried it and styled it.

I thought it looked gorgeous and I loved it.

Then I decided to do an all over pink pastel and it turned out beautiful as well!

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What color should I do next? Leave me a comment on youtube and I’ll let you all help me decide 🙂