*I did not receive any compensation for this post.I am sharing my newest fashion addiction with you and hoping that if you love them, you will order from my sister! heatherhostler.jamberrynails.net (you are going to LOVE them) Check out my instagram post of my most recent “Vintage Bloom” Nails! Below I am wearing the Mint Green & Gold Pinstripe.


I have been seeing Jamberry Nails all over the fashion and beauty magazines and was eager to try them. I liked some of the nail wraps from the drug stores but the prints were no where near the quality of the JAMS. So, when my sis became an independent consultant for them I was super excited. I tried them out at a visit to her home over spring break and now I am hooked!

I have been seeing Jamberry Nails all over the fashion and beauty magazines and was eager to try them . . .  heatherhostler.jamberrynails.net

The biggest reason I am loving the Jamberry Nails is because I have short nails. I do’t like how polish looks on my short nails especially when it is chipping off every day. I think it looks unkempt. The Jamberry nails are so detailed and beautiful that I love to get noticed for my nails now. Not to mention that they never chip, and they last for a long time. I can change my nails according to my outfits and still use them over and over again for accent nails, french tips and on my toes.


Here is how easy they are to apply . . .


You can buy similar wraps in the drug store, but even at first glance you can tell that the color quality and designs do not come close to Jamberry Nails. And Jams honestly have everything you are looking for because for under $20 you can even make your own custom Jams from colors to match uniforms or dresses, to photos of your child, to any print and pattern you can dream of.


For little hands. . .


Jamberry also have seperate GREEK and college themes that make great gifts to send in the mail (they fit right inside a card!)

I am having a facebook party this week for Jamberry – If you want to join in the fun message me on facebook and I will send you a friend request!