As a parent or guardian, it can be difficult to see your child deal with low self-esteem. You think your child is amazing, so it’s upsetting that they don’t feel the same way, and they may not achieve their full potential without gaining some confidence. One way in which you can boost their self-esteem is to encourage them to play sports, and here’s how it can give them more confidence and the skills to cope with life in general.

Sports can help children make life-long friends

Children who don’t have a wide social circle will often suffer from low self-esteem, so it makes sense to give them opportunities to make friends outside of a school environment. Child psychologists recommend activities such as sports as a way to help children make friends, as there is more of a structure, and kids naturally have to interact with their peers in an environment such as a sports team. Plus, there’s already a shared interest between the kids on the team, so even shy children can join in a conversation.

Kids learn to deal with emotions by playing sport

Many kids struggle to deal with their emotions, which can have an effect on their confidence and self-esteem. They may, for example, take rejection and setbacks too personally—by getting angry or giving up too easily. Playing sports can help them deal with emotions such as rejection when they suffer small setbacks, for example, not getting picked for a game or not scoring a goal. They learn that these setbacks aren’t the end of the world, and that they need to move on or try again. While you may think competitive sports could damage their self-esteem, in the long run, it can be good for them.

Sports show that hard work pays off

Kids who have low self-esteem often find it hard to focus on challenging aspects of their life such as school work. They may think that no matter how hard they study, or how much effort they put into their work, it won’t make a difference. 

When kids play sports, they have to learn:

  • Self-motivation
  • Organization and time management
  • Teamwork
  • Dealing with pressure

Not only are these skills going to help them get better at sports, they are also useful for studying and life in general. 

If they work hard, they can get awards and scholarships

Nothing boosts a child’s self-esteem than knowing they’re one of the best at a particular activity, and if you have a kid with a talent for sports, there is no telling where they can go. Many kids choose to enter competitions, whether at local, regional, or even national level, and even being selected to compete is a great confidence booster. Some of the best athletes can even play in college, going on to get scholarships such as the ones listed at, which are available for kids who excel in basketball, football, and a huge number of other sports. 

If your child could use a boost to their self-esteem, why not help them find a local sports team to join? There are many reasons why sport can help a child with their confidence, and it can be a great skill for them to focus on.