I have a tutorial for a DIY Thanksgiving Decor to recreate the look that I have here in my kitchen. This post has separate instructions just to complete the “give Thanks” printable banner! I really wanted a banner of any kind when I was brain storming the look for this home decor, but I thought that the word “thanksgiving” would be too long for the space I have. I decided that the shortened version “Give Thanks” would be perfect so I simply googled “give thanks printable banner” and hit the images button. This is the one that I liked best and all the credit and compliments go to the Amazing blog Simplicity in the South for her easy download and CUTE design.

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I downloaded her printable and printed each one of the letters out using the photo program on my computer in the wallets size.

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Then I cut them out leaving no border around the edge. (You could choose to leave a bit of white around if you want). Then I used a glue stick to adhere the letters to colored paper and I cut a border around each one.



I cut these out and prepared to do it all over again with on a second color paper. (I used orange and black but you could use ANY color that you like! Traditionally greens, yellows, orange, red and brown would come to mind but my daughter mentioned that a deep purple and dark blue would look rich too!)

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I cut these letters out a third time and got ready to attach them to the string.

AFTER THE Cutting & Gluing for the Letters:

Lay out the letters evenly spaced to fit the area that you are hanging them.

TIP: MAKE SURE that the letters are BACKWARD before flipping them over or they will be backward on the string when you flp it back over! FOr example; from left to right your letters should be in this order E-V-I-G for “GIVE” and  again  S-K-N-A-H-T ”  for THANKS. (You can see that the GIVE is finished and I am getting ready to flip the THANKS / SKNAHT letters over to tape them in the next step.

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Measure the space where the banner is going to go using the twine and leaving some on the edges to hang down. Find the middle of the twine and place it in the center of the banner letters.


Using tape, carefully secure the string (or ribbon) to the backs of the letters making sure that it is placed evenly as you go (you don’t want crooked letters.)


Flip it over and use clear tape to hang!

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If you have any questions leave them in the comment section and I will help you out! Have a FUN and FABULOUS Thanksgiving Celebration with whatever you have and whoever you have – even if it is yourself! (I will absolutely be spending alone time on Thanksgiving surfing Pinterest, funny sayings, and craft blogs!) Join me!

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You can Create Your Own Custom Art like I did with my

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