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I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to my son and junk food. Growing up I would let him have sugary cereals as a treat or dessert so that at least there was some health component involved. As children get older it is really difficult to enforce healthy eating, I just hope that the many years of teaching my son to make healthy choices has shaped his decision making. I am not so crazy that I don’t allow him some treats now and then though. I also believe that forced abstinence from some things causes unhealthy obsessions. If my son has a sweet tooth and wants some candy, I will let him have some in moderation and the craving passes. This is why I really love that HERSHEY’S partnered with Yoplait to make delicious Mix Ins.

Don't feel Guilty about your Chocolate Craving with #HERSHEY'S Yoplait Mix ins @dapperhouse #spon

I keep a selection of healthy snacks and some treats for my son to choose from when he is hungry for a snack. I stock things like carrots, apples, organic pop corn, whole grain crackers, low fat cheese and creamy Yoplait Yogurt Mix-Ins with Whoppers, Hershey’s Cookies n Creme and Mini Hershey’s chocolate bars. (YUMMY)

Satisfy your Chocolate Craving with #Hershey's Mix ins Yogurt Yoplait @dapperhouse #spon

My son likes to have a say in what he eats and I like that he can make good choices. He is usually hungry right after school as well as before and after sports so he is eating a lot of snacks for energy and refueling. Stocking the fridge and snack cupboard with good foods is a necessity in our home and it makes it so much easier and convenient for everyone too!

#HERSHEY'S MIX INS Yoplait Yogurt for a Healthy Treat for your child and you @dapperhouse #spon

Go put this on your grocery list. The next time you are at the store, look for Hershey’s Mix Ins in the yogurt section and give your family a healthy, sweet treat.

Add #HERSHEY'S MIX INS to your grocery list for a treat you can feel good about @dapperhouse #spon

Don’t forget to get some for yourself too because they are really great for when you are craving Rich Hershey’s chocolate!

#Hershey's Mix Ins Yoplait Yogurt @dapperhouse #spon