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Halloween is definitely the one time a year when pushing the envelope on sexy is encouraged and allowed. Last year my husband and I went to a Halloween Party in the same month that I donated a kidney to my him so to be funny, he went as a kidney surgeon with an ice bag full of bloody organs and I was the “sexy nurse” with my boobs hiked up under my chin like a bow tie,  7 inch stilettos and a costume so short that I couldn’t even lean one way or the other without showing off the goods above my thigh highs. Well, sexy is always fun but this year I wanted to go scary! I have binged watched all the seasons of the Walking Dead so that was my inspiration.

Happy Halloween from Jenny at dapperhouse living dead ghost skull haunting costume

I didn’t want to be an ugly skin falling off zombie because that is just gross so I went to the thrift store to see if I could get inspired.  I found two beautiful, enormous, gauzy scarves. Each one cost $2. Then I found old white shoes for $2.50, a white mini dress for $.99 and I was on my way! I used about 20 safety pins to attach the scarves to the dress. I used scissors to tear and fray the fabric. Of course I love my bling and sparkles so I did it up with lots of jewelry and picked a scarf with lots of sequins. The white leggins I already had and I bought some white and silver spray in color for my hair.


I used part of the torn up scarf to make a gauzy crown for my hair and after much teasing, hairspray and pinning I had a look that I liked. I used white cream make up all over my face except for my eye area. I used black eye shadow and started around my eyes blending out ward and into the white. I then lined my eyes with eyeliner and put on mascara. I added some black liner to the inside of my lips and smudged that as well. Then I used a make up brush to apply and blend the black needed to emphasize my cheek bones. I spread the white down my neck and chest and I was done.


All in all it was super cheap, super easy and took very little time.


What was your costume for Halloween this year? Scary or sexy?