We have had some very serious rain and flooding here in Illinois this past week. Our crawl space got 4 inches, but no serious damage except for items in storage. We went to the grocery store and the Entire Parking lot was so flooded it looked like a lake! The kid’s schools were closed for flooding and power outages too. We do get quite a bit of rain here in Illinois year round so I always have to have umbrellas on hand wherever I go. I recently found a Super Cute Umbrella with a Penguin Design in a vibrant green on a Green Living Shop Online called Engage Green. I asked them if I could review this umbrella in exchange for a blog post because I want to get the word out about my support of Eco Friendly Living with Engage Green because they help us live responsibly in a way that takes positive action to restore our Earth. Don’t you LOVE IT!

@EngageGreen @dapperhouse #umbrella #recycle #green Penguin umbrella

This umbrella is Sturdy, Top Quality and Works Perfectly!

@EngageGreen @dapperhouse #umbrella #recycle #green living

I love the design and color, but more importantly I am SO PROUD to use a product that ” is made from recycled water bottles [PET] and the handle is made from recycled plastic and 65% rice. The handle will decompose within 3-4 weeks after placing it into the soil. Automatic open and close. Steel windproof frame. Teflon coating for extra water and stain resistance.”

My son likes the umbrella it too so I have to get him his own right away.

@EngageGreen @dapperhouse #umbrella #recycle #green family shares the umbrella with pride

It is important to my son to use environmentally conscious products too!

@EngageGreen @dapperhouse #umbrella #recycle #green #update living green

These come in blue, orange and black as well! Go look at these and the other Outstanding products at engage Green! I cant wait to get all four 🙂


  • PETE [Polyethylene terephthalate] Plastic bottles – Recycling Facts

  • * Approximate 18 used plastic bottles of 16 oz. make 1 yard of our fabric.
  • * 4,800 used plastic bottles of 16 oz. saves 1 cubic yard of the landfill.
  • * According to EPA recycling 1 pound of plastic containers [PETE] save approximately 12,000 BTU’s per yard.


I am having a giveaway with a star satchel bag from their shop that you can enter to WIN. I hope that you are excited about this company and products as I am!