I came home late from work tonight and my husband had left me flowers.
              He gave me red roses, the same as I carried on our wedding day!
Remember I said that I would make my husband
sit and look at our wedding album today?
I decided to make you look at it too….

We got married 10 years ago while we lived in Arizona.
Since I had our two older children already, we had a
“family” ceremony and gave them engraved bracelets
after we exchanged rings.
A couple of years later when we moved to
Chicago, we had an adoption ceremony
for the children and their new dad!
Our wedding was at a popular golf course at the base
of one of the many mountains in the Foothills.
It WAS warm outside, but gorgeous at sunset!
We had a southwestern buffet in Arizona Wild West Style.
We had a delicious cake, and pretty too.
We did NOT smash cake on each other.
My children looked so freakin’ CUTE!
My little boy in his tux…aaaawahhhh!
And look at my baby girl’s curls on the dance floor!!!!
I had a version of my wedding dress made for her to wear.
Thanks for looking at my album with me and
reminiscing on my wedding day 10 years ago today!
! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse