Handy Man = Manly Man – 5 Things Guys Should Know

While watching and talking about sports makes a guy feel pretty manly around other dudes, knowing how to swoop in and save the day makes a woman swoon! When things go wrong be a hero. Study these 5 essential tasks that all guys should know so you can be a manly man! And women, you should learn these tasks too so you can get things done when you are on your own and you need it done ASAP. Learn how to change a tire, change a doorknob, repair basic electrical issues, clean a stinky sink disposal, and change a diaper. Study up with the graphic below and get ready to jump in when the perfect opportunity strikes to be a helpful, handy, manly man.

Handy Man Instruction Guide Infographic

Infographic Provided by EquipSupply

3 thoughts on “Handy Man = Manly Man – 5 Things Guys Should Know

  1. I am afraid neither my husband or oldest son are very handy. They try but we wind up having to hire someone to fix what they did and what was broken to begin with. Thanks for the post, I am going to print and post in our garage for inspiration.

  2. Lol i could never give this to my hubby he always has to do things his way!! if only he did read things like this once in a while.

  3. i learned how to clean a dispoasl lol!!! my hubby works 14 hour days so i cant rely on him a lot but he know all of these excpet the deposal

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