I absolutely LOVE The Carnival of Venice. 
I have not been there, but the costumes and masks are incredible.

I dont like those Motley Crew, Theater of Pain looking Masks 
that you get painted on a mirror at a creepy, cheesy 
fly by night parking lot carnival.
You know the ones…
the set of white with black ribbon;  happy mask – sad mask?
Maybe I hate them because they remind me of mimes.
But I digress…
A Brief History 
The Venetians celebrated by wearing masks as 
far back as the 13th century. 
This tradition became increasingly common in celebrating the end of lent.
It was also popular to wear elaborate masks and dress for masquerade balls 
held by the influential and wealthy people as a form of 
festivities for amusement and celebrations.

In the 1930 Mussolini abolished the masks and Mardi Gras, but in 1979
local artists in Venice revived Carnevale and it was welcomed
with wholehearted excitement and is celebrated here in the U.S. as well.

Here are some gorgeous masks and costumes in honor of a classy Halloween.
First, Kirsten Dunst of course in Marie Antoinette
And this mask below is taken from an exact replica of my own face 
upon opening the door to my 
teen son’s room and getting a full whiff of the 
dirty turtle cage and sweaty lacrosse clothes. 

Click the picture above for a massive collection of similar masks and 
costumes from Venice carnivals and more.  
Just stunning. 


! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse