Move Over Silly Bands . . .

We got ourselves the NEXT BIG THING!
Thanks to Gutzy Gear as a Generous Sponsor
we had a Back to School Party 
withSO MANY Kids at our home 

First we got the Gutzy gear separated and ready to 
distribute later on in the party…the Grand Finale!

The people at Gutzy Sent me an entire Pack 
to help me plan the most successful party.  
It included recipes, tips, and so many FUN games
to play. So, while I cut out the pieces, and put together the 
games, my son designed his own Gutzies on their website

Below shows a matching game for the kids to play, but 
because we wouldn’t have enough time for everything they gave us, 
I used it to pick random teams so no feelings would get hurt.
I cut the pictures in half, each child blindly drew one from a “hat”
and then we matched up pairs into two teams for 
the scavenger hunt!

The scavenger hunt was SUPER FUN and very 
creatively done by Gutzy.
I hid the clues in 3 levels of the house and in all the rooms 
so it took a lot of energy and memory to 
collect the pictures in order.

Here are my son and I with the winning Clues.

Team 1 discussing the clues…

Team 2 finding clues…

Team 1 heading down to find more clues!!

Both teams recieved their Gutzy Gear Straps as the reward 
and put them into paper sacks/goodie bags
with their names on them. 
(When handing out all the fun stuff it is essential to
have bags with names so that
things don’t get mixed up or lost)

Then we took a brake for healthy snacks before the 
Gutzy BINGO game. 

I really liked that the scavenger hunt used the Gutzy 
pictures because it helped the kids be familiar 
with the characters on the Bingo Boards!! 

The kids loved Bingo!

Each time a child would win, 
I would give them the next number in line 
until each child had
a number 1 – 15. 

Then they lined up and collected their 
Gutzy Gear Badges
one at a time and put them into their bags.
I also included this newsletters where they 
got more info and a chance to win a unique Gutzy.

I told the Children and the Parents where they could buy 
more in our area by finding the locations online

We have bought more Gutzy Gear for my son since the party.

 We have also purchased more for two birthday parties!!

Gutzy Gear is Great because it can be personalized 
with so many different things to choose from!
For the birthdays we got Lacrosse, Monsters and Marvel Characters.
You HAVE to see how fun these are.
It was so cool for my son to see his friends and himself
wearing their Gutzies on the first day of school!
He has already traded some 🙂 

All the COOL Kids are  Gettin Gutzy
so get your today at these stores:

Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Office Depot & MORE

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse