I had to do a post honoring National Banana Split Day because they are fun and often evoke great childhood memories. As a child I was treated to banana splits only on very special occasions like birthdays, or other milestones. My children too have always found something magical about building their own banana splits at home. While everyone loves a traditional banana split, I really wanted to do something different and delicious to honor this dessert. I played around with a few different ideas and created an adult version of the Banana Split.

Banana Split for grown ups recipe @dapperhouse National Banana Split Day jenny at dapperhouse

First lets review the Ingredients for a Traditional Banana Split:

  • 1 raw banana “split” in half lengthwise
  • 1 scoop each of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream
  • chocolate sauce
  • whipped cream
  • chopped nuts
  • maraschino cherry on top

I took these same elements and flavors and created a new dessert that brings elegance and gourmet to the favorite kid’s version.

Baked Banana Split Recipe for Grown Ups  @dapperhouse National Banana Split Day

You will need:

  • 1 Banana
  • butter
  • granulated sugar
  • nutmeg
  • salt
  • rum *optional
  • marshmallow fluff
  • aluminum foil
  • fresh pineapple
  • fresh strawberries
  • lemon
  • chopped nuts
  • chocolate sauce
  • Shaved semi-sweet chocolate
  • maraschino cherry on top

First you make the Fresh Banana Split Slaw:

Fresh fruit slaw ties in the traditional flavors of this Grown Up Baked Banana Split @dapperhouse

Chop or dice fresh pineapple and strawberries. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Mix and set in refrigerator.

Heat oven to Broil.

Lay out aluminum foil on a baking sheet.

Split the banana lengthwise and in half and place on aluminum foil.

*At this point you can pour a bit of rum over the bananas of desired.

Drizzle melted butter over the entire top of bananas.

sprinkle with granulated sugar and nutmeg.

Make a baked banana split for an adult spin on a traditional favorite @dapperhouse

Cover loosely with foil and broil for no more than 3 minutes.

Immediately remove foil and broil for 4 more minutes or until sugar and butter start to turn a dark golden brown. Watch carefully during the baking and use caution with the extreme heat!

Remove from oven and set aside to cool. TIP (Make sure they are cool when plating so you don’t melt the ice cream.)

On an oblong or rectangular plate add marshmallow fluff to the center. Sprinkle with shaved chocolate.

Plate the bananas carefully on the center on the marshmallow fluff.

The banana split grows up for a gourmet dessert  @dapperhouse recipe

Top with 3 mini scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream.

Add chocolate sauce, fruit slaw, mixed nuts, shaved chocolate  . . .


and a just to make it perfect . . . a cherry on top!

Baked Banana Split Dessert for grown ups to enjoy an ice cream tradition @dapperhouse Recipe