Do you struggle to choose between glasses and contact lenses? Contact lenses are indeed a perfectly safe and convenient alternative to glasses, but they’re not always for everyone. Both glasses and contact lenses have their pros and cons, with lifestyle playing a huge factor in your preference. 

However, despite contact lens technology moving ahead and becoming lighter, more comfortable and convenient for wearers, glasses have still retained their popularity and if anything – are proving more popular than ever.

Here I’ve gathered 5 reasons you should choose to wear eyewear every time.

You can highlight your style effortlessly

From some retro glasses to square-shaped frames, oval, geometric, or even browline, all in a huge array of colours and materials – when it comes to glasses the options really are endless. Hipster, preppy, geek-chic, classic, even recreating a look for decades gone by, whatever your style may be you’ll find a pair of glasses that will complement and highlight your style, effortlessly. 

They’re less work

Going away on holiday? Staying the night somewhere? When you wear contacts, you need to remember your lenses, your lens pot, your solution and your glasses so you can see when you take them out. It’s also worth taking a spare set of lenses in case you tear one or lose one! With glasses, you simply put them on and go. You might want to take a spare set of glasses with you if you’re travelling overseas. 

You won’t suffer from dry eyes (as much)

Most contact lens wearers suffer from dry eyes, especially when the weather warms up. Wearing glasses reduces dry eyes and simply leaves you feeling much more comfortable! Especially if you’re suffering from the effects of hay fever.

They can help you highlight your best features

The right eyewear can not only accentuate your look but also help to highlight your best features. You can make your eye colour pop by choosing the right colour for your skin tone and the right shape to frame them with. A glasses buying guide can help you here. 

They cost less

Contact lenses aren’t cheap. And in some cases, you have to pay extra for certain kinds of lenses, as well as the eye solution. With glasses, it’s a one-off payment and any changes to your prescription can be done either for free or at a low price. You also only have to pay for an eye test, whereas contact lens wearers are required to have contact lens checks at regular intervals.