Whether you are decorating a room or remodeling your entire house, you want to adorn your home with the best. The end product should express your personality and exude class. Here are some affordable, easy ways to add stand-out style.


You can go for the classic look of hardwood or trendy stone tiles. However, to make a statement, you may prefer polished concrete. Concrete floors are fully customizable, as they can be stained, dyed or painted any color you can imagine. They are perfect for contemporary décor but also suit more traditional decorating schemes. Other advantages include sustainability and affordability. Once it is laid, leveled, colored and sealed, a polished concrete floor can’t be beat for resisting damage of all kinds. Best of all, it should last for decades.

Custom Art

Nothing says sophistication like custom artwork. If you are an artist, use your home as a studio by displaying your own creations in living spaces, hallways and bedrooms. Fill in with coordinating custom pieces by others whose work complements your own. Not an artist? No problem! You can buy handmade paintings online and still achieve the upscale, custom look you desire in no time. All you need is good taste and a shipping address.

Proper Lighting

One secret to a beautiful space is good lighting. Designers know that you must include three levels of lighting in each room and living space. First is ambient lighting, the general overall light that sets the tone for the room. Bright ambient light is energetic; low light is cozy. Daylight is best, so center your décor around large windows if you can. Second, install task lighting so that no area is too dark or shadowy to be useful. Third, decorate with accent lighting. Accent lights are intended to highlight something interesting in the room, either artwork or an architectural feature. For example, you may point track lights at a painting, or flank a fireplace with wall sconces.

Built-in Furniture

Achieve an upmarket look by installing built-in pieces throughout the house. A wall of custom shelving is perfect in just about any room. It is an easy way to add vertical storage, making the space less cluttered and more usable. A base of cabinets is even more utilitarian, allowing you to shut the doors on less attractive items, while keeping the displays above tidy. Build wall beds into extra bedrooms so the rooms can serve multiple functions while still providing ample accommodations for the occasional guest. Personalize your space with creative built-ins that make your home truly individualized: a coffee nook in your bedroom, a wine bar in the library or a dog wash station in the mudroom.