It seems that there are more health concerns now than there ever have been before. While it’s up for debate that these issues have always being there, we have to throw the technology into the mix, as now, not only is technology helping us learn more about these problems, but it’s also causing them. So, are there any modern health problems that we all need to address where technology is the root?

Poor Sleep

It seems that the Western world is sleeping a lot less now. There are many causes for this; longer working hours, pressure in life, but technology is one of the biggest culprits. Because we think nothing of looking at our phones before bedtime, at this point we are exposing our body to this harsh blue light that’s disrupting our sleep hormone, melatonin. The simple solution is to ban all electronics, including the TV, from the bedroom. Or if you have to use your phone, install a blue light filter.

Social Media Addiction

Naturally following on from a lack of sleep, social media can consume our entire lives, and can be as addictive as any other substance, from sugar to alcohol. Social media has given rise to specific concerns, such as the Fear Of Missing Out, but another reason we need to keep an eye on social media is because it’s making a particular impression on young children. Because social media is so impressionable on children going through school, and are subject to peer pressure, any sort of exposure to illegal substances can be, unfortunately, commonplace. While there are addiction treatment centers for the substance side of things, social media addiction is something that is more difficult to measure, because it’s something we all do privately. The only way to gain a positive outcome from this is to communicate best practices of social media, but also encourage our children, and ourselves, to go through a social media detox.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

A social media detox will help to reduce a lot of anxiety. It can be argued that Generalized Anxiety Disorder is partly to do with social media, The Fear Of Missing Out, and unnecessary pressures on ourselves, but this is only one piece of the puzzle. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is an umbrella term that comprises excessive concerns about modern life. While issues like terrorism or the economy can bring about symptoms of GAD in people, the excessive use of social media can compound these thoughts and feelings.

While technology has so many positives, it’s important to address the concerns skirting around the edges of technology. While we can work to manage our use of tech better, modern life comes with an exorbitant amount of technology use, either as a means to communicate or through work. As a result, there may be a time when it comes to breaking point, but for now, if you have specific concerns about your own anxieties, taking time away from social media, or general tech can give you that opportunity to breathe again. While social media addiction, poor sleep, and generalized anxiety are things we all can suffer from, we can also overcome them.