The gift giving season is coming up really quick so now is the time to get your lists together, your shopping done and your packages in the mail. COVID-19 has affected many industries with delays and you don’t want to have gifts arriving late. Here are some ides for everyone on your list this year to help you get going with some great gift ideas that will spread cheer during this one-of-a-kind holiday season during a pandemic when everyone needs an extra bit of positivity and care.

Meaningful Gifts for Members of Your Family 

Family members are fairly easy to buy for because you most likely know them well. There are many directions to go with family gifts. One person may need something necessary and expensive, like a new appliance. Family members can contribute together and give it as a group gift. Family members often have hobbies so give them something fun related to those. For relatives who like meaningful homemade gifts, consider making things such as pillow cases, coffee sleeves or decorative towels. If you have the machine, consider purchasing darling Christmas embroidery designs to personalize your already sentimental gifts. Otherwise, consider writing down a memorable story that you shared together and provide a framed photo of the event if possible.

Ideas for Reducing Stress in Friends

The pandemic has caused people to battle financial struggles, anxiety and other hardships. Soon after the first wave of stay at home orders were issued, 1 in every 4 adults was reported to be using alcohol as a way to combat stress and anxiety. Medical professionals are especially concerned about this because of the damage done from consuming alcohol. Cannabis is scientifically proven to be safer than alcohol to combat stress. The use of cannabis in Ontario has been legalized as it has in many U.S. states. People working the dispensaries can guide you into making a purchase that is safe and tailored for the friends you are buying for that need a solution to their stress during the pandemic holiday.

Gifts to Retain Customers and Clients

Many businesses took major financial hits because of the pandemic. Customers and clients are more valuable than ever. They contribute to your personal survival and to the overall success of the economy. Recognizing clients during the holidays is a great way to reinforce customer retention. There are sites where products can be ordered in bulk and customized with a message or logo. When deciding on a gift, make certain to choose something that people will appreciate and use. Don’t waste time and money on something that will give your company a poor reputation. For example, pens are useful, but they are not a good holiday gift. Think something more along the lines of custom mugs filled with some immunity drink packets. Other ideas would be fruit baskets or floral arrangements with a nice card.

New Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

With more people staying indoors and fewer activities to do outside the home, there are more fun and thoughtful gift options than ever before. It is safe to say that gifting board games, puzzles and coloring books are a sure to be appreciated and used. Even if people wouldn’t normally purchase something like this for themselves, having it will make them try it out, and they might be very happy that you gave them a new experience. Another cool thing about games, puzzles and coloring books is that there are literally hundreds of choices for every age and area of interest.

Gift giving is important for many reasons and right now is the time to get moving. Don’t let pandemic delays cause important gifts to arrive late. Take some ideas from this article and decide which ones will work for the people on your list whether they are family, friends or customers. Bring joy to others in this gift giving season and have a happy holiday.