I was going through some of the files from when I was doing in home child care. In them I found many fun crafts and learning projects that I had done with the children. Among them I found this fun set of paper dolls that I had made with the older girls who were all about fashion and accessories. As I remember, we put photos of the girl’s heads on the bodies too so they could dress up with their “friends”. We did MANY collage projects and this was one where we cut from fashion magazines to create fashions for the dolls. I scanned them into pdf files for you to download and print out for free if your child would like to play fashionista with these trendy paper dolls. Note: To make them more durable you could cover them with contact paper before cutting!  And, the actual pdf files are clear and sharp (not like the blog photos that came out blurry).

Here are two I cut out for fun.