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I love the easy crafts that provide chilcdren with the opportunity to learn and be true to their own creativity. These Free Printables I made up are perfect for family time together and for a classroom activity. You can modify it for kids as young as three and as old as you have kids that would love to participate. I think that the outcomes are super fun and perfect for decorating the fridge for Memorial, 4th of July and any other patriotic holiday. It is also a fun activity do do with your child to spend quality time together in 30 minutes or less! Here is how to make this free printable easy kid’s craft to celebrate america.

FREE Patriotic PRINTABLES for easy kids craft to celebrate America - jenny at dapperhouse

What you will need:

  • free printables (ss many of them as you want printed out)
  • scissors (appropriate of the age group doing the activity)
  • glue (glue sticks work best in my opinion)
  • paper to glue the shapes to (black and white both work well)
  • crayons to decorate and write on the papers (optional)

How to make the craft:

1.) Have kids help cut out the shapes from the paper. For younger children, you can help cut the pieces out for them.

Patriotic kids craft activity with FREE PRINTABLES - jenny at dapperhouse

2.) Have children arrange the shapes in various ways on their papers. (You can talk about everything from the designs on the American flag to terms like symmetry. You can talk about the names of the shapes and colors too.)

You will love these free patriotic printables for kids to be creative and celebrate America - jenny at dapperhouse

3.) Have children glue their pieces down to save their design.

How to use these FREE patriotic printables for kids - jenny at dapperhouse

4.) Optional: Give children crayons and a list of patriotic words to choose from to practice writing on their papers, or on the backs of their papers. They should include their names as well.

Free Printable Patriotic USA themed kids craft activity - jenny at dapperhouse

You are done!

TIP: You can use this a a fun activity to entertain children at summer get together’s and play dates.

Celebrate america and patriotism with this free printable kids craft activity - jenny at dapperhouse

On the following. . . just click and print!

free patrioticprintables

Free Patriotic printables 3Free Patriotic Printables 2free patriotic printables 1


What age group will you do this craft with?