These are actual items from an auction site called opferauction .

 Important, large automaton moves eyes, head, and tail;
right arm pivots; no motor; from Asbury Park; early 20th century;
mohair, papier mache and steel frame construction;
figure probably turned Hurdy Gurdy.
 Framed clippings tell the story of the Famous Farter;
 in plastic frame; 56″ x 35″
( And here I didnt even know there was a “Famous Farter” because
that doesnt seem like a niche area… more like an everyday occurance, 
but he Does look dapper doing it! )

 PAINTED WOOD GAME WHEEL – Painted wood; very colorful; Dia.-36″,
SO AWESOME! I want this to hang in my home!!
CIRCUS TRAVEL BOX – Very ornate box with mirrors;
no lid; paint worn; 20 1/2″ x 18″ x 38 1/2″
I would love to see this in person!
TIGER BALL TOSS – Papier mache and wood with
 hinged jaw that closes when ball goes in mouth;
on wood plaque; slight wear; 12″ x 16″
I would hang this on my wall as well – It is awesome!
BLADE BOX – Wood with cloth decoration;
includes 12 blades; also includes showman’s sketch;
age worn; L-70″
Fun to bring out for dinner parties to entertain friends??
CLOWN BICYCLES – Lot of 3; all have
strange configurations; worn old paint;
largest H-72″     OMG – SO NEAT!
          MORE TO COME my dapper friends!
! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse