At one time, there were certain hobbies which were considered to be solely for men and others which were solely for women. Half a century ago, men were more likely to be found outdoors or in the workshop while women would be in the home with more domestic pastimes. However, times have moved on. Now, although there are still some women who enjoy knitting and embroidery, there are many more who want to look beyond the possibilities that were offered to them in the past and to choose hobbies which are a little bit different and unusual.

The good news is that we live in a world where sexism is no longer rife, and that means that more opportunities are open to both women and men without any fear of raising eyebrows. We now have women working in traditionally male occupations and men carrying out roles that were once the preserve of women. This new era of equality stretches to hobbies and pastimes too. More men are opting for traditionally female hobbies while more women are turning towards pastimes which were once only pursued by men.

For women everywhere who are looking for inspiration for new and exciting pastimes that they can add to their lives, here are just four hobbies which are no longer just for men and which they might want to consider trying in this new and brave era of sex equality!


At one time, only men were interested in woodwork. The idea of heading into the workshop, sawing wood and hammering in nails would have appalled women a century ago! However, now, more women are taking woodwork classes and are learning a range of techniques to produce their own wooden items at home. Learning how to use a reciprocating saw (a great tool for any woodworker) is now something that women can do just as well as men, and you’re just as likely to find a woman making a set of bookshelves for the home as a man!


Just like woodwork, metalwork was once something that only boys were taught. Now, girls too can pursue this hobby. Increasing numbers of girls are showing an interest in learning welding techniques and many more are attending classes to learn about how to do it safely at home. From making furniture items to metal sculptures and artwork, women all over the country are exploiting the potential of metal as their latest hobby.

Model Making

If you think about model making, you’re likely to think of a man, poring over a complex model airplane or car. However, more women are starting to enjoy the pleasures of creating models of their own thanks to a wider range of kits which are now on the market. While some are still aimed at the traditional male market, there are now many other models out there which are much more appealing to females. As well as the standard ships, cars and airplanes, there are now models of a wider range of items including buildings and animals which lots of women enjoy working with at home. Of course, many women also enjoy making the more traditional models like ships and cars too!

Computer Programming

In the early days of computing, it was mainly men who enjoyed spending their spare time learning the basics of programming. However, these days, many more women are becoming more interested in  the possibilities offered by the latest technology. As the drive increases to encourage more girls to enter into the technology field, more women everywhere are starting to learn about computer programming and are adopting it as their favorite pastime. You’re just as likely to find programs which have been created by women these days as by men.

Are you interested in any of these four hobbies? While all of them were considered at one time to be only for men, these days they are open to be enjoyed by anyone, male or female. If you’re a woman who wants to try something a little bit different from the usual knitting, crochet and embroidery, it could be time to give one of these hobbies a try. Who knows – it could be perfect for you!