This is a review of a dog wellness product
Sleepytime Tonic
I wanted to review this product because of my daughter’s dog Lilly.
First the Back Story:

We had another dog named Vinni for a long time before we got Lilly. 
When Lilly came into our family as a puppy,Vinni was excited to have a
 playmate with as much energy as himself. He liked having a 
friend to sleep in his kennel at night,to snuggle up with and to love. 
Someone to wrestle and play tug of war with. . .
Lilly and Vinni were inseparable and definitely best friends.

Theywere together for years.
As Vinni got older his Terrier Temperament became 
more aggressive. He had always been Spunky, territorial, and 
nippy, but now he was biting and attacking unprovoked. 
It was hard because we could see the loving and devoted spirit
 that he had underneath his mean streak.
Everyone else in the neighborhood was just plain scared. 
I was honestly scared for them too. 

How could such a wonderful and smart boy turn mean and rotten?
The vet had recommended either strong sedatives with no quality of life or puttimg him down to avoid a severe attack, but we kept trying. He was so lovable to our family, but literally dangerous to everyone else. 
Then one night I told him it was bedtime (as usual) and he turned on me.
With so many children living up and down our street, we could not risk Vinni biting anyone else. I realized that we were all in a situation that had long gone downhill and I had to surrender him before he attacked again. It was a sad and horrible time for our family to get rid of our silly baby boy with a big heart and I big bite. . .We found a more suitable home for Vinni but I still cry when I think about him because I miss him so much. 
Lilly’s Story:
With her best friend gone, Lilly went into a serious depression.

Her personality changed from outgoing and curious

to lethargic and timid. 
She cried often and would look for Vinni upon hearing his name.
We had to stop mentioning his name in front of her. 
It has been months now and Lilly has slowly gotten better, 
but she has serious separation anxiety. She cries and cries for at 
least 20 minutes after my daughter leaves. She refuses to leave her blankets
or my daughters room. If I remove her myself and keep her in my lap, to try
 and soothe her, she still cries and shakes
 and gets more nervous trying to get back to my daughter’s room.
 It is VERY sad.
This is why I was Incredibly grateful when I was had the 
opportunity to review the
Happytail’s Spa Natural Herbal Remedy 
Sleepytime Tonic
We have been using them with her and they really do work!
I took a video of Lilly After she was given the Drops.
As you can see, after I give her the Sleepytime Tonic from
Eco Well Dog she is relaxed and calm.
She came out of my daughters room, down the stairs
and here she is sitting in the chair by the front window waiting patiently
for my daughter to come home!
No crying and freaking out.
((tears of joy))
Since we have been using  the drops for two weeks she has been getting
better and better. We only use them once or twice a day,
but we are seeing a noticeable improvement in her attitude!

The Sleepytime Tonic reads that the drops 
“calm an overactive or nervous dog
without putting him to sleep. . . 
perfect for thunderstorms, traveling, 
and before going to the groomer.” 
I am so grateful to have gotten these drops to review
because Lilly has made tremendous progress!!
She is getting her personality back – back to being happy and spunky.
And we all feel better about that!
“Silly Lilly”

! Have a Fabulous Day ! – Jenny at Dapperhouse